"Spying" on my buddy with the Mavic Pro

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all right got my trusty little maverick here I am a I'm gonna launch this thing and I think I might actually try flying over to my friends house [Applause] let's see if we can get down in front of them a little bit my display is kind of getting weak signal I've only got one bar and it's flashing let's see if we can get up by him though because I didn't go this far just turn back all right I'm close you can see me now let's see if I can actually like get down there I got to be careful though because I don't really remember what's all around you you large wind velocity done by the ground signal disc act yo no aircraft disconnected you still just shows aircraft disconnected [Applause] alright guys made it back I win we disconnect over a mile away those are some strong strong winds today well isn't that strong a little bit ago that was risky but it did it I like this performed as well as I could have just hoped for it with what just happened I'm pumped right now and went to my buddy's house mission accomplished didn't get to stay long but mission accomplished no make sure you go check out his Instagram if you like it scar at all if you're into nature photography he does that to you and he does a lot of pictures of other cars as well and stuff like that it's at urban underscore fitment on Instagram so go show him some love talk to you later thanks for watching [Applause]

Decided to give the Mavic a real flight test. Flew over to my friends house, which is a little over a mile away. Sped it up for the video as I took my time flying over

29 comments on “"Spying" on my buddy with the Mavic Pro

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    You do know that the First Amendment doesn't apply to YouTube comments? Please just delete these whining drone police comments. You are not obliged to give them space on your channel or a right of reply under your tattoos either.


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