#STWT Show 98 – The Epstein Pedo Ring, Iran CIA Spy Ring? Logan M Cote Predator Exposed.

Joe number 98 yeah that's right where our two shows away from show number 100 I don't know what we're gonna do for show number 100 yet but we're gonna have to do something new and fun and you know out there for show number 100 I don't know we'll come up with something anyways welcome to the show everyone let me just make sure that we're actually properly live on wine and all those types of fun things so if you'll just bear with me a second team they've already been bearing with me for quite some time cat in Canada and I see there in the chat believe 3.0 nice to see you chef bar is nice to see as well we'll be going over that and yes I do have the Google Drive link linked up you can probably see in the the title anyways yeah I have that person's background report too so this upcoming next couple of days I don't know what day but one of the days coming up here I'm gonna be calling Attleboro police and filing a report and we'll see if we can't get this Logan M Cote individual arrested for what he did so just be another pedophile off the streets you know we're just rockin it this week George nadir went down Epstein's gone down the whole little network of PTO's is basically being wiped out one by one so with that being said I'm gonna get into the intro we got lots of stuff to go over tonight obviously Epstein island is gonna sort of dominate I have one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty two twenty three links compiled in my show notes just on Epstein Island I got seven on the Iran conflict and ten on random news so that's sort of where we are tonight I was gonna try to get guests on here just I don't have the time to do that tonight we have so much news to cover this is what happens every week every week I'm like yeah I want to get guests on my show but then I look at how much stuffs gone over in the past week that I haven't had a real chance that dig into with you guys and I'm like there's just so much to go over that I should really just do a research show and go over you know all the stuff that we already have so I'm not done with my brain map thing yet so we're not gonna be doing that tonight but I will try to do that whoo I don't know maybe Friday night we'll go over the the map that I have sort of set together we'll go over one of them that someone else put together but mine's gonna be a little bit different however we will go over it and see on Friday night what you guys can add to it and what you guys think of it so far with that being said I'm gonna fire off the intro let me just make sure that I'm actually live on D live and say hi to some people over on the D live side of things and if you guys are watching on YouTube I'd appreciate it if you guys would roll over to D live and just remember at the end of the show on D live I open the chest every week on the show so there's already six point nine or whatever in the chest and by the end of the show tonight which will be a few hours long that chest will just build up and build up on D live and then at the end of the show I'll open it and all the people who've been contributing to the chat will get free cryptocurrency on D live so if you're watching on YouTube no matter how much you participate in the chat you ain't getting paid if you go over to D live you will get free money that's literally like if that if there isn't more of an incentive for you to go over and leave YouTube I don't know what else there would be I've literally can't make it more incentivize for you guys then with the money you get on D life is from what I can tell another one of these almost worthless cryptocurrencies it's Chinese lemons but it's still better than the the Google shekels the shekels that are really shackles right on Google so without being said hope you guys enjoy the intro this is a mode step the beginning is the name of the song if you guys are looking for it online I never say the song name but that's what I chose it was the one I was gonna use last week and I played it like two thirds of the way in on that other mixed version of last week's intro but I used it this week and worked better with this week's videos and stuff so anyways here it is we'll see on the flipside and we'll get into the news articles this is titus frostbitten truth causing clutches and the meatrix okay well you've ever made aware at any point in your handling of this case if mr. Epstein was the intelligence asset of some sort so so so so there has there has been recording to that effect you have to assume that all of this somehow does not exist there's a mountain of evidence that not only suggests but proves that all of this occurred pause the drone to crash after electronically interfering with its Friday this morning around homes with captive spies working for the CIA and the British government hold an emergency meeting after newly released video shows Iranian commandos seizing a British oil tanker in a critical shipping lane [Applause] all from the president today or tomorrow and I said I'm firing you back up it's time to go what would you do well of course I would not do that I can't hear you my answer would be no all right so I was just chatting with loominatee on D live he's talking about some game or something the game 23 from what I know about it was one of those cicada puzzles from way back in the day and basically had to do with how you can see the number 23 and all these things there's even a movie about the number 23 that kind of talks about that whole thing where if you're looking for it you can find that number all over the place and if you do 2/3 it's six point six six like repeating right Owen Benjamin I saw was talking about the whole 23 thing and all that type of stuff and my you know people look at like Michael Jordan's number and numbers in his career I mean it's just it's endless it's endless and I know the cicada people back in the day I covered it in the queue and on origins video had something called the game 23 now am i some sort of part of that not to my knowledge has someone else put me into puzzles and things like that maybe I mean how the hell would I know I'm not involved in that stuff as far as the like the puzzles and the AR geez I you know I know I love the solve puzzles and things like that but I just don't got time for that type of stuff you know and I do if if I'm gonna sit down on my computer and start like digging into something it's gonna be research on these people and these news articles and things like that I'm not gonna be sitting there trying to break some crypto logical code for hours if I have that kind of time like I would just spend it on putting together a video or something yeah I mean I'm not I could actually do that but I mean it's not alright let's see I just saw that pop up there I'll take a look at it huh let's see if I can pull it up yeah yeah he said I think he found something that says it's connected to Quinn Michaels and all that stuff yeah if you look back in the day I talked about how Quinn was involved in a lot of those puzzles he builds BOTS and stuff like that chat BOTS and things you go back and watch Mike you anon origins follow the White Rabbit video and there was an Arg yeah that's the whole thing and that that's what they do there their puzzle makers and stuff like that so I really don't know what to tell you other than that I mean that's pretty much all I know about it is all either in that video that I did a while back or what I just told you I mean I don't know too much about the game 23 which is pretty much looking for the number 23 and things and Quinn Michaels is involved in that cuz I think he made some BOTS and stuff that make it go more viral and things like that than that I really know much more about that I'll take a look more what you sent me after but Quinn's you know his research is questionable at best you know I'm saying go back and watch the stuff I did when he was Palin around with send your spoof men over there pushing all types of fake nonsense that Quinn Michael's guy is basically a nutcase okay like you can't take anything he says too seriously just being perfectly honest alright so let's get into Epstein Island since that's you know in the whole app stein case since that's pretty much the most important thing going on right now I've been dying to get into the stuff for days okay so Tiffany feta nari here at TIFF it's Henry tweet up this article based on my knowledge of Epstein and his organizations and discussions with the FBI and you can go Google Jeffrey Epstein and his connections to Robert Mueller okay it is my belief that federal prosecutors likely possess videotapes and photographic images of me as an underage girl having sex with Epstein and some of his most powerful friends so you can see another one of his victims has come out there is Epstein the woman who alleges that she was made to have sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17 as told a court a US Court that she believes video footage exists of her having underage sex with powerful Associates of Andrews friend Jeffrey Epstein Virginia Roberts also allege in a new affidavit filed on Friday that she was so badly assaulted by Epstein's friends that she thought she might die there were times when I was physically abused to the point I remember fearfully thinking that I didn't know whether I was going to survive she said now 31 Roberts alleged a court filing in December that she was repeatedly forced to have sexual relations with Andrew by Epstein a wealthy former investment banker and hedge fund boss who was jailed in Florida in 2008 for sex offenses Andrew and Buckingham Palace vehemently deny Roberts claim which they say is totally without foundation Roberts claimed on Friday that you are supporting back damning evidence of activities that she was made doing close discussions with the FBI it is my belief that federal prosecutors likely possess videotapes and photographic images of me as an underage girl having sex with Epstein and some of his powerful friends she said and this would be backed up by the fact that when they raided Epstein's mansion in Manhattan they supposedly found videotapes and photographic evidence inside Jeffery Epstein's vault and that doesn't even include whatever they found at his other properties which I can only imagine on epstein Island down in little st. James that there would be significant amount of videotapes and photographic evidence I would say that would probably be one of the main locations to gather that type of evidence against people just based on you know the flight manifests and how many of the people go down there you know and the fact that it's an island where these types of sickos would feel most comfortable doing the sick disgusting things they do because they're on an island separated away from law enforcement by water which makes them feel more comfortable than they should it talks about the 13 month deal dismisses a liar and fan assist by epstein allies see this is this is what Epstein's allies and Epstein does he goes after the victims you know that's what people like Alan Dershowitz that's what his role is is to go after the victims that's why they wanted the docs all the victims Roberts who says she was recruited for up sine of 15 has previously alleges she wanted a Thailand trip by Epstein to learn Thai massage and interview a Thai girl to bring back to United States for him okay so this gets into what we're gonna get into here in a little bit remember when I said I was down in st. Thomas and at the airport I had talked to airport employees who said that they saw girls coming in from Asia that looked like they were you know 13 14 years old but were being listed on the flight manifests at 21 22 years old right so they were seeing Asian looking girls being brought in through the st. Thomas Airport okay that's what they told me right and I'm sure there was also Eastern European and girls and stuff like that but you know that's what they said and we'll get into how that's now been confirmed shortly here but however as you can see here Thai Thailand fifteen-year-old girl and we have the same time say airport workers saying that they were bringing in Asian looking girls that were really young looking and everyone I mean it's not like really all that racist to say it's really hard to for like Westerners to judge the age of Western what I mean of Eastern girls like Asian girls are really hard to judge the age of so it'd be really easy for him to be taking girls from like Thailand and saying they're older than they actually are and sneaking them through customs and stuff like that you know with fake documentation and all these types of things I mean who knows like what happens to these girls after all the stuff goes down I mean I don't know I mean where are the rest of these victims there's been a lot of girls brought in to this island we've seen some of them come out now and tell their stories but there is a lot more victims out there and if you are a victim of epstein please come out and tell your story reach out to authorities fill out an affidavit if you need help with that like you're someone out there just watching all this and you're an actual victim I can actually help you with writing your affidavit I know how to write one so hit me up or you know hit up the authorities or whatever but do reach out because now is the time this guy is actually facing justice okay they denied his bail like the Epstein is going to face justice he's not ever getting out of a prison he'll be in jail prison whatever you want to call it for the rest of his life so if you're one of his victims no longer do you need to be scared of Epstein he's not gonna be able to do anything to you ever again any own photograph ik material she said she's not understand why no action had been taken yeah we've been asking why no actions have been taken against Epstein for how long now I think we just have to be a little bit patient here I think they're probably just gathering all of it and going through it all and identifying people in the videos and these cases historically take years to prosecute this is not gonna be like come September everyone's gonna be in jail or something this is probably this case is probably gonna drag on for Oh easily a year I would say we'll be talking about this next summer I almost guarantee it so and that won't even and then the civil litigation that will come after this all the users and stuff that are getting dragged like Prince Andrew and all the people he abused and you know people like Dershowitz the people that will go after him with civil litigation and all these like once the criminal prosecutions been handed out and all this then the civil thing will begin this thing is gonna go on for I don't even know the sap Stein case is gonna be going on forever I've asked the FBI show me some video surveillance and other pictures of me that I believe they have in their possession she said they said that I would get have to go to the prosecutors to get them but the prosecutors will not share anything with me and then once again that brings up the questions of why are the prosecutors not working with the victims again and isn't there a Comey on the prosecution team just asking let's let's hope that the prosecutors in this are not like sham prosecutors and this whole thing isn't just some big farce you know controlled burn as you would call it what they're just gonna burn some people like Epstein like they did with nexium where they just burned Keith Renier and everyone else basically got away scot-free let's hope that's not what's going on here so this is the person you know just claiming basically that the FBI has videotapes and stuff like that which we basically already know they do because they seize them during the the raid but you're saying they have more than what they're admitting to one interesting bit of information I came across in the past week is about this Vicky Ward character and I was like why is everyone all about this Vicky Ward person you know like why is she all of a sudden getting all this and like I saw some of her coverage on this and you know she was it like I saw some of her tweets and I was not super impressed where she was like pulling the whole feminism thing and all that type of stuff so the hell is Vicky Ward exactly right and yeah she's done really good coverage on Epstein she got that whole quote that I played there at the beginning about Epstein being intelligence and all that type of stuff so obviously she's a really good journalist on the Sepp Stein thing but she's definitely from the left side of things and interestingly given all the Daily Beast coverage of the up Stein scandal this is pretty interesting ghilane Maxwell at a 2008 party at TDB founder Tina Brown's home co-hosted by Vicky Ward the journalist who wrote about how she tried to warn us about Epstein in 2003 for TDB so interesting no there you go there's Ghislaine New York City April 1st Ghislaine Maxwell attends Tina Brown Vicky Ward in LA mayor hosts a party honoring Susan a girl's new book marie-therese at Tina Brown and Harry Evans home on April 1st 2008 in New York City okay New York City April 1st Lonzo and Giz well max Lena tan Tina Brown Vicky Ward and lemare host a party you can see Vicky Ward right there in the image with Ghislaine Maxwell so it's interesting how Vicky Ward is like the number one journalist on this yet she has a relationship that goes back at least the 2008 with Ghislaine Maxwell here hmm here is Maxwell attending women's brain health initiative here is NBC president of NBC Universal women and lifestyle Entertainment Network and Max foundations gives well max Lane attends Daily Beast's innovators summit reboot America at Mardi Gras world East in October 21st 2010 in New Orleans Louisiana so I mean this is Ghislaine Maxwell at The Daily Beast way after the Jeffrey Epstein thing took place right isn't The Daily Beast like one of the main magazines covering the SAP Stein thing that's like a mainstream news organization why are all these mainstream news organizations that are now the leading coverage people of the up Stein thing all connected to Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell is that like a odd question for me to ask her I mean look at the connections here between ghilane jizz Lane whatever the hell her name is who cares and mainstream media here's Vicky PJ Ward riding in 2011 on Ghislaine totally running interference on her key role in procuring young girls for sexual abuse I like her she's always the most interesting the most vivacious the most unusual person in any room this is Vicky ward writing about Epstein's main procurer Ghislaine maxwell i like her most people in new york do it's almost impossible not to she's always the most interesting the most vivacious the most unusual person in any room I've spent hours talking to her about the third world at a bar until 2:00 a.m. she is as passionate as she is knowledgeable she is curious she has spent weeks at the bottom of the ocean literally going deeper than anyone else she sent me a DVD of fish there her rolodex would blow away almost anyone else's I can think of probably even Geoffrey Epstein's yeah I mean seriously like okay so Vicky Ward who everyone is giving like massive credit to is running cover for ghilane Maxwell from what I can see like right here in plain English make up your own mind on that one okay and once again I'm not trying to like throw shade at Vicky Ward because she's getting all this credit for her journalism I'm just trying to show you what the hell she's really all about here's Ghislaine with Trump there's Ghislaine with Prince Andrews ex-wife here's going at the Clinton wedding she supposedly is really good friends with the Clintons and we'll get into how it was actually ghilane Ghislaine jizz Lane whatever the hell her name is it was ghilane Maxwell the likely Mossad operative helicopter pilot that basically introduced the clintons to Jeffrey Epstein and we'll go over that article later tonight but uh yeah there you go I mean there's the Clinton connection and there's Ghislaine she's like the Marina Abramovic of the up Stein pedophile ring right she in the best part is here vicki road will wrote her own article about how she tried to warn everyone in 2003 like okay just giving her patting herself on the back for excellent coverage and i'm gonna say here she has done a pretty good job of covering stuff but i mean seriously this type of conflict of interest has to be addressed okay so when you see Vicki Ward's reporting just keep keep keep in mind how she's actually good friends with we're not good friends I guess that's overreaching what we're looking at you read her own words here I like her her own words gisli Maxwell someone that she likes okay so there's that just remember the mainstream media is now covering this epstein thing and they haven't covered it for years so don't be like oh wow the mainstream media is finally doing their job there's some other reason why they're now all covering this you know it's basically because they were forced to cover it okay we forced their hand on this one he's been arrested right we put so much pressure on them about Epstein that they finally had no choice but to arrest the guy I mean seriously and now the mainstream media is swooping in trying to cover all the stuff that we've been covering for years and giving themself Pat's on the back for reporting on stuff that people like me reported on months before them months and I have no budget I don't do this full-time I have a job I work at full time and I'm still months ahead of these mainstream media journalists that do this stuff full-time are paid and have budgets to travel around and do investigative journalism that they don't do right so it's just a little frustrating that's all yeah it's getting hot in the air huh jazz turn that AC on them get hot thundering out there yeah there's a big thunder and lightning storm rolling by my house right now so if I lose power and stuff like that I'll have to come back on later just letting everyone know if this like cuts out and everything goes black new boss power during the the high heat this weekend so you know a little rain and wind will definitely knock the power out by me speaking of I don't know whoever this is but someone's doing fantastic investigative journalism with a drone so you have here rusty Shackelford who someone pointed this out to me if he was Jason Burma's pointed this out but rusty Shackelford is actually a like a conspiracy theory rusty Shackelford name got what he was saying it was but rusty Shackelford is a one-time character appearing in the season 11 episode Peggy's gone to pots he's voiced by Scott lace klase for the first several seasons of king of the hill Dale goes by the alias of rusty Shackelford when dealing with personal identity matters Dale start a stated created this alias when a student by the same man died when the boys were younger thus giving Dale the opportunity to use his name in season 11 episode it's discovered that Rusty's and deeds still live and only moved away when the boys were younger rusty comes back to Aryan to resolve the numerous identity issues that have rose from Dale using his name when Dale and Peggy's attempt to stage their fake death fails rusty has Dale sign a form clearing him of all identity troubles he's not seen again in the series but it's kind of an interesting name for them to use as the thing to this channel that keeps going over here and doing these drone videos so you can see rusty Shackelford is the the name so just picking up on the thing there you can see here's the drone footage of great Saint James from this angle here were you looking at is over to the right there is see the island with all the buildings on it that's st. Thomas over there so this is the view from like great Saint James kind of looking at st. Thomas that Beach there that you can see though see the White House over there on the far left of Grand save James that was some of the illegal construction work that was going on and that Beach because where we spotted the barge the white barge of Jeffrey Epstein offloading onto that Island for sure see the white house is over there and if you look from there times is too great st. James and most of this island obviously is not developed at all yet now imagine buying this entire island alright let's go back over here Brazilian because you can actually see the illegal construction zooms right there okay so you see that that dock in those houses and all that stuff over there that's like the start of Epstein's construction over here that was all being done basically illegally and that's where he was offloading stepdog why don't you guys hear that yes it is coming down outside right now Thunder is rocking it and my Mossad handler Brutus is not even up investigating he's just completely asleep come on dude he supposed to be like scared it's thundering out anyways uh that says little stuff over there and you can see more well looks like construction may be beginning over here or something they kind of zoom in over it I got boat trailers and you know what else there some construction machines some interesting stuff going on there so you can see he's got equipment on the island obviously and it looks like they're doing some sort of construction here they're trying to level it off or something and look okay so look right here another important one okay so look at this so he's got another boat ramp here or another ramp to take stuff up on the island and some sort of white building there I don't believe that's old I believe that's also new so I mean you can see he was really ramping up construction over here on great st. James like the very beginnings of it right that's another ramp and that what you're looking at there that's Christmas Cove okay so that little boat I was talking about the pizza pie boat you can probably even see it in this thing it's probably up towards the end of the bay there on this image okay so just a tiny little boat and when these other little private boats would pull in here they'd order from it and they would take the pizza over to their boats it's not even open at night like you can see everything that goes on on that thing from the other boats in the harbor so they're not like going around doing like you know underage like you know crap that's not happening on the pizza pie boat okay now was Epstein setting up this Islands that we're looking at here that he he now owns this giant great st. James Island to do that yes absolutely you can see there they're clearing different areas from forestation and stuff like that probably to put houses and things like that on there and the other thing they were doing is if I can't get a view of the boats here see most of the boats in Christmas Col have to pick up moorings they don't want you anchor ngering the the seafloor life and stuff like that so what they had done to the pizza-pie boat was they had taken away its anchor permit which kicked it out of there so Epstein basically kicked this thing out of here and once again just so you can see how close great Saint James and little st. James's if you look in this screenshot here the island just over it there that's you know in the upper left hand and nothing to notice look how much bigger great st. James's compared to little st. James you know Epstein bought little st. James for 8 million or something like that and great st. James and look how close it is there's right there is little st. James on the top right and what you're looking at is great st. James right here so I mean it's literally right next to each other right you it's hard to even get boats with a big Draft in between the two so I mean if they did want to do underground construction it wouldn't really be that far under water they would have to dig you know so and with the type of you know contacts Epstein has who knows what he's capable of getting done but you know I just wanted to show you guys oh and this is a good view here too so looking from here if you look right there okay so I don't know if you guys can see it too well but that Island that's now in the top-left corner there that's st. John's which is also US territory that Island was almost 100% owned by the Rockefeller family so the Rockefeller family owned that entire island basically and donated it mainly is National Park to the US government but there's still a ton of like Rockefeller stuff over there like all these like historical things that they had over there and all this so yeah I mean it's just it's sort of in they own the only Rockefellers I believe still owned the only resort that's even on st. John so it's sort of interesting how close that is you know the Rockefeller is right there next to Epstein kind of interesting so that was the drone video I wanted to show you all now you guys remember I did this video way back in the day so this is my video going by epstein island remember so what's up bitches in the matrix this story is about a wealthy financier based out of Palm Beach that several years ago in 2008 served about a year or so for or abusing and soliciting underage girls Jeffrey Epstein is the financier he served time for alleged for abusing underage girls he then sued the attorney representing some of those victims why does anybody care about a 2008 case well because there's a connection to some really powerful people [Applause] [Applause] it's funny when I go back and watch this how accurate all this was and how much all of this ended up playing out in the coming months after I did this video now you gotta watch the most important part of this video was the human intelligence that I talked about so let's compare what I reported on what was this January 9th 2019 let's compare the human intelligence I gathered with what just came out today so we'll have a little watch here see how accurate I was as you can see this is valid after the recent hurricanes that hit the Virgin Islands and there you can see the dome of his temple has been ripped off I was also able to garner some human Intel from one of the workers at the st. Thomas airport who wishes to remain anonymous however what was told to me is actually fairly good intelligence that what they saw while working at st. Thomas Airport which is where the Lolita Express airplane goes is lots of women listed aged 21 to 23 they were coming in from Asia yet none of the girls and were listed as that for over fourteen years old so there's signs of trafficking coming in from Asia and those aren't people that are listed on the leet flight logs that we have already so more dick needs to be done and that's from a very credible source that works at the same time this Airport and saw this firsthand so lots of girls under the ages of 14 listed as 21 to 23 on flight manifest anyways enjoy the rest of these photos they'll all be on Steam it so you can download the photos and zoom in and get better views if you want or use imaging analyzation software whatever you wanted to use to go ahead and dig through these photos further so check out my stuff on Steam accom slash at Titus frost and then I put the video up that I took so then here's my video from back then that's where you get into the island their ideal you want to serve a SEAL team and right about there to brave those buildings I don't see anything obvious that's underground but you never know Epstein's Islands you can see in the background the st. John st. John is family owned by the Rockefellers National Park sort of weird-looking helpful thing up there this way that's Christmas Cove right there so that's we were sailing right by I believe we even stopped and no we didn't stop that day we sailed right by but a lot of times we'll stop there for a launch or something real quick but yeah I mean when you leave Charlotte Amalie and you want to go up Drake's passage you have to basically sail right by great st. James Island right up this sound here so I mean yeah I mean that's how close we went by Epstein's Island that's how close I was right there so he got it that's that's as close as I want to get to that Island unarmed okay any closer than that I want to be fully strapped with body armor and a team of people working with me to clear that place you know but anyways let's remember what I said there about them bringing in people and airport employee okay so let's uh let's see what Vanity Fair is now reporting today so random rants a Ryan tweeted this out because he probably remembers me reporting on this and I reported on this multiple times honestly I brought this thing up about the airport a bunch of times okay well it wasn't just once when they renounced Epstein being under investigation I was like hey FBI got a tip for you why don't you go down to the airport and get some affidavits from people remember me saying that well well well well let's see how accurate my prediction was here in the Sepp stein case and just remember I report on this in January okay way before Epstein got arrested locals say upside was flying in underage girls long after his conviction for sex crimes and authorities did nothing to stop him it was like he was flaunting it says an employee at the airstrip on st. Thomas but it was said that he always tipped really well so everyone overlooked it ever since billionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on July 6 on charges of sex trafficking the media have been scrambling to make sense of what happened on little st. James a 70 acre private island in the Caribbean but on nearby st. Thomas locals say Epstein continued to bring in underage girls to the island is recent only as this year a decade after he was forced to register as a convicted sex offender and that authorities did nothing to stop him what did I say what did I say to employees who worked at the to employees so they got another one I talked to one they got another one two employees who worked at the local air strip on st. Thomas tell Vanity Fair and I talked to another one that worked like out on the actual flight deck years ago years ago and they told me that they had seen you know the Clintons go down through there a bunch of times and they had seen Melania and they had seen Ivanka but they had never seen Donald so they said they saw Melania Trump and they saw I don't know if she was married to him yet at the time when they saw her but they did see say they saw her and they did say they saw Ivanka go down there now they never said anything about seeing Donald Trump go there so take that for what you will that's someone who works at the airport and the way st. Thomas Airport is is there is like when you land there you come off the plane on the tarmac you don't go like into a thing so people who work on the tarmac see everyone who comes off the planes because it's all open right it's a tiny little airport is my point so hope you get to talk to one of the employees down there like I have now two of them I've talked to as well one recently one a long time ago you've learned about what's taking place there and if you ask about Epstein they all know how do all the employees that I've talked to at st. Thomas Airport know about Epstein and yet it was continued to allow to happen was he greasing people there at the airport are you guys the FBI you guys gonna go down [Applause] what the hell just happened i compute someone just started calling me the video card playing in the background Wow okay anyways two employees worked in local airstrip it's the same Thomas tell Vanity Fair that they witnessed Epstein boarding this private plane on multiple occasions and the companies of girls who appeared to be under the age of consent according to employees the girls arrived with Epstein aboard one of his two Gulfstream Jets between January 18 and June 2019 previously published flight records show the Jets were airborne at least one out of every three days they stopped all over the world sometimes only for a few hours at a time Paris London Slovakia Mexico Morocco when they left st. Thomas the employees say they returned to airports near Epsilon's home his private jet with children female children says a former air-traffic controller at the airstrip who asked to remain anonymous one ok and who who has access to the flight manifests I feel like they talked to the same the same person I did they couldn't have been over 16 Epstein looked very angry and hurled his jacket at one of them they were also carrying shopping bags from stores not on the island I remember thinking where in the world of they been shopping another employee at the airstrip who requested anonymity because he's not allowed to speak about travellers and his official capacity says Epstein would land at st. Thomas twice a month on average there'd be girls that look like they could be in high school the employee recalls they looked very young they were always wearing college sweatshirt seemed like camouflage that's the best way to put it Epstein would be dressed in a tracksuit but the girls carried shopping bags from designer labels Gucci and Dior the employee's app that he and his co-workers would joke around about what they were seeing every time he landed her took off it was always brought up we'd always be joking how many kids are on board this time but the employee also says he felt pure disgust calling it absolutely insane that a convicted sex offender is able to move around so openly in the era of me too I could see him with my own eyes the employee says I compared it to seeing a serial killer in broad daylight I called it the face of evil Epps I apparently made no attempt to hide his travels with young girls the airstrip in st. Thomas sits in plain sight of a Central Highway in nearby parking lot University of virgin islands provides a complete view of the tarmac and almost every aircraft on the ground when he's home on little st. James Epsilon's plane is always parked right in front of the control tower the fact the young girls were getting out of his helicopter and getting into his plane it was like he was flaunting it the employee says who said that he always tipped really well so everyone overlooked it okay once again you now need to go down there and investigate what employees were on the take allowing this to continue I would look at management and super the people supervising the airport the upper level management obviously the lower level people are telling you what's going on go look at who is being paid off in the supervisor just okay that's your big tip for the day it's the free research you get from me authorities all right everyone has to tell you guys how to do your job this is nine months after I report on this it appears local authorities did nothing to investigate up signs repeated trips of young girls let alone interview intervene despite the fact he was listed on the islands registry of sex offenders Chief William Harvey veteran a Virgin Islands Police Department tells Vanity Fair that he does not know who Epstein is and is unaware of any investigation into him Samuel Saenz a former Senator for the Virgin Islands says he was unaware of any special precautions taken by law enforcement to track the arrivals and departure of Epstein's Jaclyn st. Thomas or the movements of his helicopter to and from his private island so basically everyone was just looking the other way somehow hmm he flatly denies any illegal involved this is Epstein's lawyers any legal involvement underage women my colleagues and I definitely talked about how we didn't understand how this guy was still allowed to be around children says the former air traffic controller we didn't say anything because we figured law enforcement was doing their job I have to say that is regrettable but we really didn't even know who to tell or if anyone really cared we didn't even know who to tell because no one in mainstream media cared until now nine months after I poured on this stuff they're finally covering it and if Epstein hadn't been arrested with this story ever have come out of an on my youtube channel would anyone ever have known about this no probably not it'll get exposed that's the world we live in because they silence alternative voices like mine despite the fact that we're uncovering extremely important information months before these people yet I'm the one who gets silenced I'm the one whose videos get pulled I'm the one who's called crazy conspiracy theorist while I'm Way ahead of these people way ahead but hey thanks for confirming all my reporting there I really appreciate it and to everyone that uh you know doubted my ability to do on the ground investigative journalism well there you go so I was like nine months ahead of Vanity Fair here and that's exactly what I reported like literally to a tee in this video ok however what was told to me is actually fairly good intelligence that what they saw will work me at st. Thomas Airport which is where the Lolita Express airplane goes is lots of women listed aged 21 to 23 they were coming in from Asia and being brought in to this island yet none of the girls and were listed as that for over fourteen years old okay exactly what's now being reported months later so the horrors of Epstein's private island is something that we have been covering on this channel for quite quite a long time and I think I've done a pretty good job of exposing some pretty important stuff about that place and I've sort of been on the forefront of this for quite a while someone that's actually connected into all this and was also tried in the Southern District in New York was Anthony Weiner and from what we know is that Anthony Weiner had some really sick and disgusting stuff on his laptop yet here he is out free moving back in with Huma and the rumor is is that this guy is ratting out other people like he's ratting out all the bad people and that's probably why he's allowed to be out doing this type of thing right so here they are Anthony Weiner moves back in with Huma Abedin as she spotted as he spotted in a tank top and shorts using a trolley droolin designer garment bags a hockey stick and suitcases into his family home after prison stent for sexting a 15 year old so does Anthony Weiner play ice hockey he does Anthony Weiner I challenge you any time you want on the ice to throw down me verse you anytime you want on the ice you know I will beat the everliving shit out of you on the ice anytime you want come on up here we play Wednesday nights in Falmouth come on up we'll throw down I'll beat your pedophile ass in the fucking ice and then we'll all laugh at you and have a great time Anthony Weiner moves back in with whom was he spotted tank top and shorts using a truly two role in designer garment bags hockey stick in suitcases into his family home so who thinks that this guy's being allowed out who thinks that this guy is you know singing right here to get out this quickly and be back either our society's completely corrupt or this guy is ratting on everybody else if you go listen to that Erik Prince audio about the New York Police Department and Anthony Weiner I would say that there was some pretty disgusting stuff on that laptop and this guy must be cooperating with authorities I mean he just must be this is the 15 year old I guess

This is the 98th Spitting Truth with Titus Livestream. In this show I plan to go over all the latest news regarding Epstein Island. For one, the St. Thomas Airport employees have spoken out to Vanity fair confirming my human intel report from months back. I plan to also go over the CIA spy ring in Iran allegations. I am also going to go back over Logan M Cote’s online activities to expose him for the criminal he is.

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11 comments on “#STWT Show 98 – The Epstein Pedo Ring, Iran CIA Spy Ring? Logan M Cote Predator Exposed.

  1. drumstick74

    We all know you are ahead of the Mainstream media, also on this case.
    Just a sidenote: Look at Wiener's face at 1:02:40 …. That is the look of a scared dude. He probably thinks he is going to get whacked.

  2. Ants C

    I believe this is a controlled burn. Sounds like Vicky Ward is trying to spin the narrative that Gislaine Maxwell is a victim because of muh feminism.

  3. perpetual eye

    We need a concerted effort by the truth community to protect and prop up victims and whistleblowers.

    My first fear, if I were to go against this kind of power, would be that nobody would ever hear about me or my witness testimony and that I could disappear the day I came forward.

    Wikileaks provides whistleblowers safety in publishing their information, but I'm thinking a protection ring to be formed out of volunteers. I'm sure the truth community is strong enough to deliver on this.

    If you think this idea is viable pass it on.

  4. Lena Romero

    Your a good guy I've been watching your work off and on for quiet some time, I am a good judge of character I feel, that 1st intro of big fish was too much, that was like 3 years ago. Well anyways, keep it coming kiddo, your probably my son's age.

  5. Natura Datura

    Why is Ghislaine Maxwell still free and why is there no mention of her in the news of being under any threats of indictement or arrest…that is just mind boggling!


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