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hey animate this little guys Popeye and we are the RC sailors today we are testing a new action cam shown Popeye joke good boy I really like stumbling across action cams to show you guys because we put them on our race drones and you know cheap is good but we also look for a balance of price and quality this one comes in a little over a hundred bucks so it's not super cheap we should see a little higher quality should film in 4k at 30 frames per second but in this video we're gonna do a quick test the first flight is in a mode called super view I think what it is is a like stretched wide angle shot it looks really weird on our faces so we are filming the intro like this but it looks really cool on the race drone and then I turned the super view off and I just did a regular 1080p video after that I think so I just wanted to see how it looked and I mean when you're doing race drones 1080 P spouts as good as you want together anyway anyway check it out we will show you guys a follow up of everything comes in the box at the end of my 2 race drone flights enjoy the flights this will be a 1080 60 frames per second ok ready for takeoff cool thing about this camera it comes with two batteries so should have nice long runtimes on the on the camera itself and this is a new spot for flying for me so I'm just trying to scope out my range here ok we're on this corner hope there's some I need to paint the top of their lights Abbi goodness gracious Oh some birds bird bird bird bird birds yeah okay hopefully this footage looks good because this will be my first test of that action camera – you know it's nice what we like to do is pretty much everything RC related but every now and then you know we want to test some accessories for RC – like chargers cameras batteries not just the vehicles themselves so my my signal strength is not great here probably cuz we're pretty close to this building when I get out to the grass it cleans up some but I have nothing to do with the action camera I'm just letting you know oh I don't know that see that's why I got a spotter how far out are they like up along that tree line okay yeah that's good man good to know good stuff there I don't like flying over asphalt usually for obvious reasons kind of makes me nervous I don't like to do as many stunts now I'm trying to do a kind of a little mix between acro stunts just mild a courser and some smooth flying so you guys can see the camera kind of on both you know both aspects a little smooth flying and for for stunts to see how the frames when you do acro stuff sometimes your frame rate looks funny you know but right now I'm filming at 1080p 60 frames per second it also has this funny camera setting I don't remember what it was called but it was like epic shot or something and I put it on that for this flight after this flight I'll take it off and we'll kind of compare the differences okay power ones somewhere out there top of them all oh yeah we've got a lot of people that watch our channel Abbi they say they don't like when we go too crazy with the stunts cuz it makes them feel like they're gonna lose their lunch so I try to take it easy I mean I could just be up there gone you know flippy flippy flippy flip all the time but I don't want everyone to lose their lunch a lot of people out there fly their race strands they can flip all day long but can they and they fly through trees no no I can I like it and sometimes I hit trees oh goodness I hit pretty hard I hit hard let's see if she's okay I'm still setting up right so I did yeah hey whoa let's make sure all the parts are on it let's fly in is that an action cam so on there I lost all my telemetry so probably should land I want to land it like three minutes yeah Oh God alright here we go I lost my telemetry so I'm awesome so we have this thing called super view I don't know what it does but for the action cam we had it on on the first flight and now it's off man this is like the hundredth flight of my race drone I smash it free and I'm lose my telemetry whoa first Oh that's why I don't like flying over parking lots let's see I see him I see him I think it's a nice action can I mean it's it's durable it's very durable say the same for you drone well I lost telemetry those so is it durable you had to change the props yes yeah it's herbal I love my 2:15 we'll have everything linked in the description box for his spurious 2:15 let's insult our heart for a long time there's another car over there – go away other Honda Civics get out of here so we wanted to show you guys everything that comes in the box with this too because it's actually a pretty good little setup this camera is capable of shooting 4k 30 frames per second although we don't do a lot with 4k yet so we really didn't we didn't do this video in 4k so has the waterproof case which is really nice yeah it comes with very nice here's the camera it seemed pretty easy to navigate yeah it was nice little jack on the bottom there where you can mount it to like a tripod or something I like that because GoPro and stuff does not do that so that's actually really nice and it's cool that they put it here because it's Center with your lens not Center with the camera the battery hatches down here and it does come with a spare battery it has a on/off button on the front and the like okay and record and take picture and film and stuff on top and then that navigation buttons are on the side it's a really good little camera so I think that helps lock it in so once it's clipped in once you clip in to like your GoPro stationary melt then you push that down and it won't come out of place nice little lens cleaning cloth very handy and then you have the charging cable USB so did you mention that this is Wi-Fi base tube yeah you can connect it to your app so you can see a live shot although you know it has the stuff on the well yeah probably not super close though alright mean super far so the real test of a camera like this is obviously just how looks this is our first test with and we just wanted to share our experience with you guys so if you like what you see give us a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and we've always got content like this heading your way to help you guys find stuff that's useful in the RC hobby thanks a lot for watching see in the next video

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We always like to show you guys different products that we think you could use in your RC adventures. We really enjoyed testing out this new action camera with SUPER VIEW…aka Epic shot if you are Nate. Enjoy our flight with the new camera!

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50 comments on “"Super View" Action Camera Race Drone Test – TheRcSaylors

  1. esion10

    Have you tried the Firefly action cams? I have a 7s and it's pretty nice for the price – distortion free too so no fish-eye movies. WiFi mode made my Bugs3 fall out of the sky though. Now I need to add some FPV to that bird so I can see what I'm shooting.

  2. SKYGuy

    Pretty good knock off of gopro super view…although I'd have to call them out on if it's REALLY 30fps in true 4k…me thinks there's a fib in there somewhere

  3. TwincityFPV

    Do more acro tricks I like that people need to just get used to the flips and stuff its part of the hobby I like that your getting better at acro flight I loved that you ripped a parking lot and the lights I've been waiting on you to do this good job guys keep up the good work!!! Oh yeah Abby your flights are helping my wife get better at flying because not many girls fly or think they can so special thanks to Abby. Rc sailors ftw!!!

  4. Joshua C.

    That Furious is a tough bird. I just had to repair my VTx after clipping the antenna off flying too high under an obstacle. That and props. I'm due for some props.
    As for losing your OSD telemetry…
    That's going to be something on your main PDB – the big board at the base mounted to the frame directly.
    Unfortunately that board is a $60 repair on Amazon…

  5. Dave and the Bandit

    Looking good there Nate and Abby and not to forget Little Popeye,Nate that was a really good bit of flying, and the camera footage was nice and clear, looks like a good one, Best of all no jelly effect, Thank for the upload.

  6. John Poen

    Hi Nate & Abby! I wanted to comment on the video quality of to two settings. The first Epic or Super View setting didn't seem as sharp and crisp as the second setting did. Also, I thought that the normal setting had better color, too! Great flying Nate!

  7. Alan Carter

    Hi Nate & Abby, can I ask you please what is the maximum tx range you get with your Furious. I've lost a couple and see you flying really confidently long distance. Thanks in advance, nice camera by the way. Cheers Alan

  8. Jay Iparraguirre

    OK this is going to sound weird as I come here for the RC reviews but I love love love the random reviews. Its so cool to have it mixed in with the other reviews. One odd thing here, your voice sounds way different and why are you guys flying somewhere new?

  9. SquiDragon

    Sorry about this, but what size 3s battery would fit in the drone you were using? I’m trying to get into drone freestyle but I still can’t decide on which drone I want, and the one you were flying looked absolutely amazing. Would it just hold a 1500mah 3s? Bigger? Smaller?

  10. RUS

    ThiEYE make good action camera. Good video quality. Nice review as well 🙂 Love to watch other gadgets as well that can be used with RC toys.

  11. Michel Gaudet

    There is a company online called 'DAK' and has been around from the '70s. They sort of 'died' a while back, but are back calling themselves 'DAK 2000'. I just bought what you are calling an ACTION CAM from them, The 'DAK Camcorder'. I really like mine, and the water-tight housing is easy to use. It comes with a bunch of 'goodies', and there is an extra case with MORE goodies for an additional cost. The cam with housing and the basic brackets, straps, etc is UNDER $70.
    I have known and spoken with the original NOW RETIRED owner, Drew (Drew Alan Kaplan) many times, and I KNOW him to be a good person, only wanting the best for his customers. The young man who has taken over the reigns of the company, Sol Haran, has proven himself to me as caring just as much for the customers' needs as Drew did. Please take a look at the offerings, especially this little 'DAK Camcorder'. I am VERY happy with mine. Oh, it has something to do with WiFi, wich I have no need of just yet. But I ASSUME you should be able to get it to work with a smartphone for viewing the video feed; again, I have no clue regarding it.

  12. Duck Landes

    Looked nice and clear, good video quality, and does 60fps at 4k. I'm not surprised you lost the wifi signal, the action cam form figure doesn't leave much room for an antenna. The biggest problem with a lot of budget action cams is they often product very poor quality video. My go-to action cam is the Eken H9, I have several and have given a few away as gifts to friends. It has similar features; 170 degree FoV, 12Mp photos, wifi, though it's only 25fps at 4k (but I never use 4k because I don't have enough computer to easily edit it), and can be found for about $50, or so. — I never feel air sick from your acro videos, but wearing VR glasses makes me want to hurl, and I usually get eye strain headaches from them.

  13. didactylos4 diddy4

    I reckon the wide angle in the first section shortened depth and spatial perception. I'm sure that it could be got used to with practice but overall I found (as a viewer only) that the 2nd section looked better. Flier's choice of course. Sitting with your back to that big wall will reduce the range and quality of your signal because of reflection


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