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my assistant if you've seen my other review videos you've probably noticed that I occasionally use onboard video footage in flight so I recently picked up this a lightweight aerodynamic action camera from tactic called the drone view yeah who's a cute little drone view yes you are the drone view comes in a neat little package with foam padding and a small but comprehensive instruction manual I immediately liked how aerodynamic the unit is along with the adjustable lens a four gigabyte microSD card is included the camera is not very big and fits easily in your pocket by sliding back to through side locks you can remove the battery pack so you can quickly swap out depleted batteries the manual is pretty good at describing the functions and features of the camera I don't recall it lacking any details the advertised weight is spot-on at 1 ounce manual operation is simple hold the power button on for a second then to start recording a video hold the V button for another second and you'll see a flashing blue light that indicates recording mode press again to stop recording also included our control and USB charging cables along with some soft foam mounting tape the remote control cable allows you to activate still and video recording from our spare RC channel neat another nice touch is that when you plug in a camera to charge the power level indicators on the rear end display the charge level a great feature of the drone view is Wi-Fi connectivity which requires downloading a free app to connect to the camera what's connected the first thing you notice with the app is a live view hello our to press the screen and multiple menu options will appear in the settings I could quickly flip the video but just brightness and contrast turn a date code overlay on and off and even change the Wi-Fi name finally you can remotely take still or start a video recording when finished you can view and download the files from the camera videos are saved as avi files with h.264 codec at 20 frames a second so with a bench setup and testing done let's see what kind of trouble we can get into I thought my old RC car will make a neat video platform just stick it on with velcro and off we go the drone needed be good in the winning light of the early evening so my truck wasn't the smoothest platform for video recording I did notice that the Wi-Fi connection has a noticeable delay and limited range that makes it mostly unsuitable for pure fpv well that truck dropped out of funding I swear I obviously needed more room so it's off to the fine field for ride on the aerobatic voltage 500 the lightweight camera had no nor school effect on flying qualities a couple rolls and then I thought it'd be fun to really get into the weeds huh maybe one day a man carrying quad can do this performance where the direct Sun is good as well on my f-14 really show the advantage of the wide-angle view the whole 61 inch wingspan can be seen despite the camera being mounted relatively close to the center yeah I'll hit the brakes you know fly right by Nega coal fighter's competitors hold being able to quickly flip the video image makes it easy to mount the camera in many different positions like this underbelly shot I thought that the picture quality is decent though don't expect it to match the quality of a $300 GoPro camera I'll have to say we really need to see several the local flying fuels from an aerial view low passes are especially fun though my landing was maximum having done land and air of course needed to do the sea so off to harass some ducks I found that boats make a really smooth video platform having not found any powell to terrorize i did find some humans to people back home i even recruited my niece for a test hey for the kids for well i guess in this case my camera mounting skills need a little bit of work i guess you can't win them all so what else can i put this camera on I know a submarine wait no I don't think that'll work well there's several things I really like about this camera first is the Wi-Fi connection with my previous camera placement is a guessing game and the live view and adjustable wider go lens really means I can get the best view quickly without any guesswork and you can also download pictures and video to a phone or tablet right at the field I also like that it's aerodynamic and simple to use lastly is the built in battery level indicator no guessing to see if the thing is charged or not so there's a lot of functionality packed in this little small package so all in all I think it's a great and simple little camera to use and I'll be using it a lot more my videos in the future so please subscribe you

View your drone…no wait…view AS your drone. We take Tactic’s little on-board camera through a series of various platforms to see how it performs.

24 comments on “Tactic Drone View Camera Review | HobbyView

  1. alliejr

    New subscriber reviewing your back catalog.  I would love to see a full video of the Grumman F-14 model.  Back in the day, I worked on the assembly line in Bethpage, NY.

  2. JPG23

    Awesome video and I love all of the attention to detail. What was the best range you were able to get on the wifi? I want to mount it on one of my quadcopters. Thanks.


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