Tell FAA Drones for business, research and hobby are good. Promote innovation and technology

on jun 26 the FAA issued its interpretation of the special rule for model aircraft effectively banning all commercial drone operation whether you're a manufacturer or retailer a service provider or a hobbyist elects to fly fpv this decision adversely affects you this is going to affect anyone out there that is thinking about getting in the drone business that or that is in the drone business today essentially what the FAA saying is that if you fly a drone and you get paid you are breaking the law even universities that are doing research and development not-for-profit won't be able to do research and development of drones and drugs technologies also for search and rescue there are organizations out there that have successfully found lost people in the FAA as sentient letters saying that they're not allowed to do that hey this is doug bell with flight cam aerials i don't know about you guys but this FAA interpretation has cost me money I've already lost three different jobs from clients who are just afraid to go forward with drone quote unquote drone use for aerial photography so I think it's really important that we all get involved I know I am the purpose is to be on voice effectively a political voice in in front of the FAA and you know even the AMA has actually joined there's so many schools and so many people involved in this so many so much money and investment into this I'm a reseller retailer and guys it affects all of us it affects our families it's a huge it's a huge hit if this thing were to happen I'd rather be out flying than fighting for this and guys that's why we're doing this band together fight together and get some real real education going on here with the FAA let's work this thing out because guys all we want to be in today is want to be able to fly by contributing to this campaign you're helping a great cause and receiving some good perks

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