The Best budget tablet to fly a drone DJI Mavic

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I'm here with you to be the voice of reason and common sense I want to speak with you about the best device to fly a drone but why do you need an other device rather than a phone to fly it around well the controller itself is designed for a phone like mine well having gone through the experience of a drone crash because I couldn't see a tree branch through this small screen made me think about it and I decided to get something bigger a bigger screen however I didn't want to spend money on something stupid like an Amazon fire tablet or videos shield or Samsung Galaxy because I like Apple and everyone that loves Apple will kill you if you want to be serious about our Apple Apple Apple you need to get an iPad and I got one for only one reason to fly a drone and you feel like me and wear sunglasses outside it just becomes harder to see anything you're filming and after spending a few weeks researching the best budget quality tablet out there I came up with a few conclusion the iPad Mini 2 why because it has the brightest screamed to fly a drone in a normal sunny day in its operating system it's powerful enough to run DJI go up and not crash during filming the retina display that gives you those pixels and quality you need for the best cinematic shots then you don't want to be squinting on the small screen looking for small details like a tree branch if you're looking to buy an iPad to fly drone you need to get this mount because you don't want to be breaking this controller to try and fit this iPad in here it's been on the market for about five years and getting into multitasking it's pretty choppy especially if you own an iPhone and you're used to speed besides DJI Go app it can be used for Netflix or Amazon Prime videos or YouTube or just whatever app for videos you can find but if you're a mad person or you're impatient don't get it you'll only make things worse in the conclusion I can say that iPad Mini 2 has most market for kids and people above 60s from drone pilots like I am this is what I was able to get with a maverick Pro an iPad Mini 2 I don't have a mother air but I'm sure it works with it too

Tablet Mount :

Ipad mini 2 :

19 comments on “The Best budget tablet to fly a drone DJI Mavic

  1. Thor _

    I'm not sure how the iPad mini 2 will work on mavic 2. The contrast dynamic range is terrible. When watching Netflix on it you can hardly see anything in the shadows. There's no gradual scale of shadows. I ordered mavic 2 zoom yesterday.

  2. Troy Collier

    Hilarious that you buy an iPad with a terrible display. Even up until today they are bad. I just got a used Samsung galaxy s with a beautiful smoked display for $70 and for flying drones it's no contest.. Sorry "app poe"


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