The EPSTEIN Family Tree – Connections to Mossad – NEW DRONE FOOTAGE

ladies and gentlemen let's take a look at the island right over here already making fun remember when our name was they think confused the combo couch with the casting couch Oh nobody confused that family I was a minds now look at the island now our mics are on this is new this is new footage this is new footage of Jeffrey Epstein's Island late july 2019 July 3rd joint 2019 this is like last week like 10 days ago you got that good music playing huh yeah I love this one you like this movie like people like in a horror film is creepy yeah and this could be a bird from absolutely this is a horror film yeah it's a real so we get we get a lot closer look they get pretty damn close in this new footage they just dive right into the island now I think the point of us showing what's going on the island – listen I don't want to let go what's really happening on over there we can't dismiss everything but it's the symbolism of this stuff now watch what he does everybody's like what the hell is this thing what is that take a look fam with weird ass kind of marquise seashells conch shells why are the 1 2 3 so close they're just giving quote-unquote conspiracy there is more more fodder by it by having an island like this I mean really like coming really straight I mean if I was rich and shit maybe I'd have a sundial really in my backyard what weird summer happening I have some Incan shit since what Peruvian you know at some weird temple though that that temple is not a temple that we got a closer look at the temple someone said that it looks like an Israeli temple well that's the whole thing is that when I watched a video the other day with somebody back in Israel it was kind of like almost identical okay we have no idea what the hell this thing is those are aliens they're talking to aliens I think that's just like a grass grass cutter you know tracks except nobody its Moe's in circles gasps it's perfect like I don't know what goes on in it there must have been like maybe those four like presentations or something you know what do you want to elevated stage rather than I guess it could be like a Coliseum it kind of keeps the sound in man yeah what it's a pretty island the demons the demons I mean will God this is I hate you know this has been like kind of unsettled watch behind and stuff because it's like you hear all these things and this conspiracy theories and you're looking to them and you're like oh my god you don't want to go near there but then you start looking at this symbolism and this shit that's going on and you're like what the hell you know if it's capable of demands bringing in fourteen-year-old girls and on a regular basis like and saying bring me a younger one that one's too old everything that about this island is just creepy weird and unexplainable you see a little Lee down there maybe that's where Epstein said sits or something they do like really I'm sorry but they were saying that the dome fell off with the hurricane along with the there was two sculptures up there and then you can kind of look see in there and kind of see in there well the whole thing is is that what yeah I mean he's gonna get rid of everything right away but I mean look at he's been deconstructing everything like a book you can see the ladder in there people don't understand that the Lolita Express has been sold yeah how so they can't even use that because he sold it to me that doesn't make sense can't you just uh he sold it before you got written he got the jump that they were coming to grab him and when they and when that happened he started scrambling he started getting rid of everything the whole thing that's really interesting about this case and we'll get into it I'm gonna point out a couple other things is that like I said this is deeper this is deeper than just one guy this is a network and they have to be revealed they have to come to light they have to be punished it's not that we want justice to so we have to bring out the whole system will never be free of anything until we totally expose these guys now once we're done with this I'll explain some stuff to you that would really make you think because somebody in Florida one of my connections in Florida told me some pasta think about it what he offered up for bail yeah that's a ridiculous amount of money but there's something more to attend and I'm gonna explain that to you like who could ever afford that except some guy who's getting used monetarily the whole monetary system which a lot of people have a hard time kind of grasping ahead around they think Oh money is God well money is this thing that he tries to accumulate but there are people who create money there and create the money control the money it's just paper yeah okay so it's not even that anymore no I yeah it's not bad gold it's a Fiat fucking currency it's numbers on a computer know that monetary system is the key to our slavery I'm sorry and yeah look he's just going around this whole thing and we're gonna talk a little bit more yeah I wonder what though the red the red lettering means you know there's some symbolic I know there's people doing research online trying to find out what I just don't understand how they could operate in such a secretive way I mean you take a poor person that goes to like like the forest in the Pacific Northwest and yeah they'll find you if you make your if you collect your own water they'll find you if you don't you know if you try to find a sustainable way of living but this mother effort can go and get on an island and build his own little whatever the hell he's building yeah an old little tribe and his own little group and it's a little yeah stuff and like nobody's nobody like questions and nobody does a thing like I hate to say but like somebody sent me a video today you have to listen to everything first of all at the same is do it mister or rocchi there's not a 20-year difference between me and fam okay it's 16 years if you must know okay and I'm not gonna tell you alone but it's not 20 but here's the thing if you're lost somebody said you sent something today from Ann Coulter and I'm not a big Ann Coulter person but Ann Coulter was one speaking about this when nobody was speaking about this and I remember that because listen I lived in South Florida the Palm Beach Post came to my house when I was younger everybody thinks it was the Miami Herald that was breaking stuff before anybody else no it was the Palm Beach Post they were deep in stuff okay because that's where West Palm Beach things were going on and Ann Coulter spent a lot of time there so she also talked about it the thing that she talks about and people have to understand us and nobody understands where this guy's money came from they can't track it okay so this is a network of people this a group of people and it's so important and I'm gonna stay on this case like I said I have people working on it in Florida and here's the thing Fiorella we're talking about what he offered up for bail now the bail hasn't come through yet today we're waiting to hear what's going on today we're waiting again in the update he knew something might be going on in fact Johnny I would I would say go over to Google and check and see if anything has come through real quick cuz it'd break at any time if they grant this guy bail or not he offered up 77 million in assets his Manhattan place his new plane and whatnot do you think this guy has the ability to offer cash up the 77 million in cash didn't he well you think he has 77 million in cash he can give up from bail I don't know may probably yes but why hasn't he offered to cash why hasn't he put it up my friend told me one of my son I was speaking to somebody who was in a jail and when they go in there's two things they think about when they get out number one I'm not doing that crime again I got to stop doing it number two when I get pinched how do I move things around so when I get out and when I'm moving on the land what I got to do where things are at the people who are protecting him are now moving his cash around his money is being moved out his moving moved around he has an exit plan the only reason why this guy probably isn't killed is probably his he has information on politicians he has information on public figures on Hollywood stars up the ying-yang and as soon as he's dead he's got instructions for those people to release that in the world so right now he's in a holding pattern they're holding on to this guy going okay we can't just whack them because if we whack them there's gonna be a bunch of guys exposing stuff did you find anything yeah it says that Epstein is willing to post a hundred million dollars or bail piles of cash dozens of diamonds here it is and that was today okay so now some cash got moved around some diamonds got pulled to him once again somebody was saying that they're like why isn't that this cat and I told my my source I said listen he can come up with a hundred million cash put it up they'll have another hundred from waiting somewhere else he's got unlimited pockets this guy and we're talking hundreds Fiorella hundreds of children little girls let's connect the dots listen I want to make sure you understand and I just wanted to say something to imagine like imagine a poor person like this would even this wouldn't even get this far they'd be like in jail for the rest of their lives and and the fact that our system allows a rich person that come in and pay an exorbitant exorbitant amount of money to get out of jail take it it's ridiculous it's not fair it should be know if you've done this you don't get out on bail period yeah that's how it should be we shouldn't have different tiers depending on how much you paid but that's what happens when we have a for-profit jail system a for-profit criminal justice system that people like Kamala Harris helped put in place yeah and so and you know you think about it on that scale like you know but can you imagine somebody who's protected I'm high that he can just press buttons and put billions of dollars in his accounts at any time he can run around doing every whatever you want we reported on the show the other day he thought he had a global agreement a global agreement and no he's friends with both the Clintons and that the trumps well that's the thing that disgusting thing about this is when this story broke now and the story's been going on for a while this is how tribal we are they tried to make it everything about Donald Trump right off the gate so I drove into that stuff from Donald Trump from the get-go and it's really hard to grab him to pin him time anything on epstein before 2002 and the stuff he did do before 2002 was just partying or hanging out whatnot I mean for crying out loud like fusion GPS the fake dossier they tried to to connect Epstein to Trump and they couldn't even do it you know I'm saying and I say this is more about tribal nests and partisan politics this is about an elite group running around and now they're preying on the most the most what's the word I'm looking for the most vulnerable thank you so much God hit it out of me sometimes the most vulnerable people in our society young little girls broken girls so let's connect the dots Jeffrey Epstein's main Madame her name is Gail a Maxwell Fiorella remember the picture you were sent to us yeah max what was that Chelsea Clinton's wedding okay there's pictures of Donald Trump and his wife vici Lane and Jeffrey Epstein that's in 2002 I believe or way before I think it's you know what happened but Gillian Maxwell has been mentioned as one of the number one Madam's now we have an article I believe right as well what we know about G Lane Maxwell Jeffrey Epstein's alleged Madame let me just grab that up real quick because there's some stuff Johnny you want to read some stuff because I don't have it in front of me like maybe just the second paragraph that it kind of explains who she is she's a 57 year old British socialite here it is okay Maxwell is a daughter a publisher Robert Maxwell and short she comes from money for The Wall Street Journal she grew up in attending University in England then moved to the United States in 1991 after her father fell to his death from his yacht that's a story they say the lady ghilane was the name of the boat Epstein reportedly used a yacht with the name to transport women from st. Thomas and the Caribbean to his own private island which locals of nicknamed pedophile Island okay okay so we know that out that that's the number one madam this woman has been she's been fingered by many victims she's been exposed by many people we know that she's involved in the operation pretty much and remember a lot of this evidence was his bow tied it was bow tied and handed to the frickin dagger and Palm Beach but who was her father is the question right now I do have it in the for my having a doctor somebody put up for me they said and I'll read this great I'm Alex Davidson he said great job on this pasta and fee if you want more evidence of the circle of elite psychos being all connected check out G Lane Maxwell's father Robert Maxwell a former MP and owner of several British newspapers and the New York Post he worked in British as army Intel in World War two and allegedly became a Mossad asset after the war Maxwell died in mysterious circumstances he when he when he is alleged to have fallen off his yacht in the Atlantic immediately after his death it was really Oh that he kept his business is going by rating his employees pension funds rumors circulated for years that he was not in fact dead but he had faked his death to evade potential arrest his funeral was held within the state honors in Israel okay so now we have Robert Maxwell father Agee Lane Maxwell and there's this picture over here we have well this is Robert Maxwell now feet this guy had deep deep deep connections not only was he like a mogul that kind of mirrored Rupert Murdoch because those are the two people in charge of each other he ended up buying the New York Post and reopening it he had a he had the mirror in Great Britain but this guy had such such high connections in fact in the 60s are on behalf of the Russian government he lobbied the British governor he was also an MP and British in the British Parliament on behalf of their invasion he argued for Russia on behalf of the invasion Baba Kia so this guy had connections into communist governments he was also a Mossad asset in other words at one time he helped Mossad kidnap a certain scientist that was going to leak secrets about how to build the atom bomb whose Mossad posture Mossad is CIA intelligence and there was so many cases really see Israeli CIA Mossad they're called and a lot of people believe there's been books written by certain authors and a lot of people believe that the Mossad killed Robert Maxwell because Robert Maxwell was blowing through money in all his businesses he lived his luxurious life and he had secrets on them sought and he threatened to expose them unless they gave him money and they looked at him as someone as a loose cannon so a lot of people feel that Mossad aborted his yacht and killed him and there were books written about this what not there's no doubt that Robert Maxwell has some big big pockets do we have the wizard asset right here the rents calm okay and it says oh my lord this stuff just goes down the depot I'm gonna go down our work our work supported the by documents including FBI reports and secret intelligent files from behind the Iron Curtain shows Maxwell had worked as a secret super spy for the Mossad for six years okay I don't want to get deep into this and stuff I can keep well we'll put the link down below you can read this but if you understand who Robert Maxwell is guess what the name of the yacht was that Robert Maxwell died falling off the line lady d'Alene do you know what the name of the yacht the Jeffrey Epstein drove his prison is his subjects his victims because they flew to another island at st. James lady d'Alene it's the same name so there's all this weird kind of symbolism and ties to deep state intelligent people intelligence people within this group and like I said Epstein didn't do this alone and there's so many weird connections when you start thinking wow like d'Alene introduced you know Epstein to all these people Elain was the one who recruited women d'Alene was his madam and that was Robert Maxwell his daughter so many things are weird that you have to look into and you have to say wow these elites these upper classes of people that were surrounded by all everybody that it's all the same circle we talked about it James commis daughter is now on Epstein's defense team Muller was the FBI director all these people have been telling just are all connected fam that's why I say we have a government within a government and you're not gonna see this on MSNBC or CNN they're just gonna be like Oh Trump was seen with up scene and he flew with him and Trump did this with Epps and we need to impeach him it's like I'm not against I'm not against Trump paying for what he's done but at the end of the day when you only report what's convenient for one side of the establishment yeah you're trying to fool the American people into thinking that this is red versus blue when really look it's obviously these elitist who do know various things and we have to accept the fact that this country and perhaps this world is run by Psychopaths who do this things like this because if you go and look into Hollywood and all the the pedophilia that's happened Kevin Spacey's name was on those on that list so this isn't something out this isn't something that we're making up yeah this is something that every single American should be questioning now not because of the dramatics that are happening but more so because of the implications that it has that two presidents two recent presidents in the United States of America have ties to this man who seems to have deep ties to the CIA who seem to have nefarious business ties with other people that are probably worse than he is yeah I mean like you said this is like red meat for the you know who else has got there red meat is all these people these conspiracy theorists and all these people have been hiding down for independent media you know I watched a film the other day and it was this guy was almost like he didn't know what to do he's like this is crazy because we've been underground hiding stuff grabbing stuff off the dark web bringing it on over looking at this stuff just been in the shadows because nobody wanted to take this serious and now the mainstream media is starting to pick up on this stuff and as we start diving down these rabbit holes here's the Guardian in 2002 it said captain Bob and the spooks he says twelve years ago on this month Robert Maxwell plunged to his death off the yacht in a new book for former mirror journalist Jeffrey Goodman says he now suspects Maxwell was murdered everything starts to come out of this thing and you start looking down this stuff and you start seeing these things for what they are and and let me tell you something when it comes to Donald Trump you already had your bullshit scandal in Russia you blew your load there nobody's gonna believe you now when you try to make it about Trump versus you know I'm saying you have a live an army out there but as they as people start looking at these things and that's the reason why I'm happy that Trump's tied to this because Trump was the first person I looked at like you know I'm saying I really went down there but it was like it's more than that this is about this freaking these elites what does anything matter down below if above they're pulling all the strings and they control everything this is time to Crump crumble there pull the mask off the shit iceberg and expose these people for frigging good Johnny you got anything to add yeah this is the last thing on the topic of Epstein on the island there's also these pictures here these tunnels they're pointing to tunnels or bunkers no one knows what it is but here's a closer look and you can see over here the green that's like an entranceway into the freakin that could be a storage closet I could see that but over here this is fucking weird it won't yeah yeah what that goes directly into the into the ground so use like you said there's doing all these marks and shit the pizza gay people are going fucking nuts with this shit not on there going and you know you but you know you start thinking about all that come on what are they doing and please stop with that theories but you know I mean is it enough that fourteen-year-old girls were used it for sex for molestation and and and pawned off now for us to all bring some people to fucking heal yeah because the Clintons are the ones who are super predators and they must be brought to heel you know I'm saying it's disgusting can we read this super chat here because I get emotional when I think about this shit I start thinking about my friends it's both so pasta it's not just the Clintons cuz the conservative media is gonna say it's the Clintons the liberal media is gonna say it's the truck it's Trump it's it's both of them and above that it is it is it is they're part of this little cabal and that's that's plain and simple it is both of them it is both of them and much much evidence the elites and higher it's the elites in higher and once again a lot of times they believe that these CIA assets get stuff they can use people for blackmail mainly politics and world leaders so they can get them to do their bidding and it makes so much sense it's like oh I got you on film having sex with a 13 year old girl you're gonna do this you're gonna invade this country when you're the president otherwise we're gonna expose you Gabriel akari a $50 super chat on the MCSE network I can't wait when we get those over here couch so we can have steak with our beer I think we're about a month away we're waiting we're waiting you're waiting we're there we're monitoring monitoring it says criminal justice reform keep up the good work regards from Sweden yeah I definitely grew up so please for us to stay we'd love to do that hashtag Bernie 2020 hashtag Tosi 2020 hashtag first full lips see I've been saying this from the get-go we got to make sure that we pull it and you know what I'm gonna get vocal with those people over there and if they're gonna have a candidate they got to get one candidate coming out they can't do this shit again a Nancy Pelosi district where they get multiple candidates and she goes on without is unfortunately that's democracy and that's progressive well progressives are running multiple candidates and that right now they gotta get I mean if it's not your head and you got somebody else please stand up now I know there's another young girl who's been on this show what not I she didn't convinced me to support her over Shahid I don't think she's ready yet but uh that's just my personal opinion she has every right to run but I think it's gonna come a point where it sees evident if we're serious about taking out Nancy Pelosi and we got to be serious about taking out the old guard because the old guard is the same of the new guard even saying and and the Democrats disappoint me because they don't talk about regime change Wars leading up to immigration and like I said a lot of them and you know I'm saying they've used this as an opportunity in this epstein case to just call out Trump and not call out both sides it's like they're playing politics all the time old guard same as the new guard and they gots to go Nancy a que se would say Nance you gotta be Alice yeah hey Nance um I just want to reiterate that we need to continue supporting progressives like Mike Ravel and Tulsi because they should be on that stage and they need to continue to stay in the race as long as possible contrary to what some Bernie supporters think I think that we need them because some longer they stay the more delegates they have and right now out of all of those progressive candidates Bernie Sanders is the most popular one so I'm that could change but right now I'm saying this because Bernie Sanders is the most popular one if we have someone like Tulsi staying there for as long as possible they could be a team same with Greville same with Williamson Williamson herself sent an email telling people to donate to a Gravelle because she wanted she wanted him to be on stage and the DNC is still gonna try to keep him off the stage but that's why we have to continue donating to him not saying that you don't donate to your preferred candidate whether it's Bernie or whether it's still see but you so donate to these other candidates even if it's a dollar a couple dollars get your families to do it because that way they can be an alliance and if we don't think like this we are going to lose because if anything of today's show can show you is that this is all one giant isle of people that are entirely against the the one the 99% they're against us they have nothing to do with us they're over there doing their nefarious things with all this money they don't even know what to do with it they're there they're tied up in pedophilia they're tied up in corruption they're tied up in so many things that they're willing to kill people to or imprison people like Assange to keep this quiet and if you don't realize that now if you if you continue thinking and ovo pluie no matter who or or just Donald Trump because Magga like you're not helping yourself on either ends and it's wrong we need to think for ourselves individually these people don't care about you they don't care they they just are gonna continue filling their pockets whether you vote left or right and so we have to stop thinking in that mindset and start thinking in the mindset of how do we organize against this establishment because there's so many of us and if we only could just agree on one thing that that is our common enemy we could literally win that's the most important thing that's the common enemy understanding who the common enemy isn't that a person it's a system and we have to break the system and that's what he is talking about

We take a closer look at Epstein Island. And we connect the dots to Epstein’s girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell and her daddy Roger Maxwell and his ties to the MOSSAD.

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  1. Lee James

    1300 down thumbs by people who can't HANDLE the truth.
    Donald Trump was going to run in 2004 as a Democrat, he was a Democrat his entire life.
    I have made another mistake in my life. I voted for him.
    Guess we have to wait for the truth to come out. Maybe he is a good guy.
    Not looking good. I watched almost all of the rallies, he has not done anything that he said he would while running.
    Don't kill the messenger, pay attention to the message.

  2. Lee James

    Symbolism and ASTROTHEOLOGY are the hidden or occult history of our world. Many thousands of years of the same insane people running the planet.
    Do your homework, find the truth, it is out here.
    Royal families, relation ships, citizen ship ,
    Admiralty law. Banks control the current-c ( see?) Currency. The bank on the river.
    The truth will set you free, but you will always be owed by them.

    Have a wonderful life,a life full of wonder.
    Nothing is new under the sun, the sun of god. NOT THE SON OF GOD.

  3. Miranda McGill

    Why do you think these "elites" hate Trump? It's bc he's not one of them. This was first exposed on the news back 2002, with his first case. why do think he's finally being arrested again now? Who's running the country? It's not hard to figure out. It's deductive reasoning. Research pedo/trafficking arrests since Trump took office vs all previous administrations. Trump had JP removed from his resort for hitting on an under aged girl. Want directions to research what's really going on? Find Q. And pray. 🇺🇸🙏✝ …..after reading through the comments on this video, it saddens me when the comment section is more informed than the "alternative news". That then makes this video irrelevant, doesn't it?

  4. Michael Boyers

    Epstein Ponce friends are Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox they are worse than Epstein they eat children that they organise to be slaves for celebrity pedophiles they drink the blood and now it has become so common to drink tortured babies blood that they gave it a name Adrenachrome

  5. Michael Boyers

    Why did the police stop looking for the murders of Jill Dando & Doctor Kelly because Dave Stewart Annie Lennox and Tony & Cherie Blair had something to loose stolen children and Royalties for songs The Miracle of Love and Here Comes the rain again, from Michael Boyers, their friends responsible for carrying out the murders including the murder of Michael Boyers son, with a former police officer Janet MacKenzie who's ex husband Rob MacKenzie is one of the gang members responsible for the murders of Jill Dando, Doctor Kelly my son and none other than Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed,  the ring leaders are Ian Henry, Mi5 and the CIA same people, Grant Tully, Terry Boyers, Ian Henry  has amusement arcades in the Newcastle Wallsend area, that pay for the murders including the murder of his former brother in law Peter Gowling, shot in the head in front of Ian Henry by Russell Bonalie who's mate Norman Massey shot Jill Dando in the head, at the time Massey had a remarkable resemblance to Barry George and was working as a chauffeur, drug dealer and ponce for members of Parliament and QCs and claims Tony Blair was one of his best customers, he also did not deny shooting Jill Dando on two occasions that he tried to befriend me in Newcastle City Centre having known him as a teenager, other gang members George Tully along with Stan Henry and Alan Duncan boat builder murdered Ilene MacDougal better known as the Torso in the Tank 1978, the murder of a 17 year old innocent girl that Jill Dando was investigating as one of two unsolved murders, thee other from 1967 Angus Sibbet also murdered by Stan Henry former amusement arcade and casino and nightclub owner now in the health club business formally known as Springs. who’s daughter Kay Henry Gowling, was having an incestuous relationship with her father leading to her insanity, she thinks she and her incestuous family  can get off with trying to murder me and the murder of my son with former police woman Janet Mackenzie, who’s husband Rob, along with  Ian Henry, Grant tully, Russel Bonalie, Joe Bonalie, Santos Cuscanni, Alan Rankin, Bob Senior,  Mike Emerson, Ian Jenkins, Sylvia Cutter, Ernie Cutter,, Dave Stewart, Annie Lennox, Eddy Fenwick, Charlie Gray, Terry Boyers, Joe Boyers, Barry Cubby, Tommy Stuart jnr & Snr, Alan Dag, Colin Hume, and  Patrick Terence Thompson, one of the drivers of the white vans seen stalking Jill Dando, and Peter Gowling, 

    The Met never followed up on the leads, so as to help the Blairs get off with child abduction, Katharine Blair is my daughter and not Tony Blairs, Pedophile Billy Blair along with his family are targeting me via Newcastle Social Services, controlled by Adulteress and incestuous pedophile Cherie Blair, who lied to me to get me to have sex with her, then stole my daughter Katharine, and tried to have me murdered on a number of occasions here and in America and Australia 

    Lord Brian mackenzie's Son Robert Murdered Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed as a gang from the Northeast Ian Henry who's father got off with the murder of Angus Sibbet The One Armed Bandit Murder 1967 covered up by Sir Billy Blair, Sir Ian Blair Lord John Stevens and Lord Brian Mackenzie and Inspector Michael Hafferty who is related to the Murder Stan Henry through his sister In law June, Stan Henry went on to murder Ilene MacDougal better known as the Torso In The Tank Murder South Shields 1977 it was an initiation into the Blue Lodge of Scottish Freemasonry known as the Duncan Rite of Passage the other murders are Bill Duncan so called worthy master laughable and his brother Alan Duncan, also george Tully who's son Grant who also murdered with the help of his father Nigel Minto a young student at Sunderland University I know that for a fact as they arranged for me to be living in the flat downstairs to Nigel Minto they tried to break into my bedroom as it was next to a communal passage of the ground floor, both Nigel and Myself had seen the old mark 10 royal blue jaguar that was hidden in the garage at the back of the house at 40 Roker Park Rd Sunderland after the murder of Ilene MacDougal The Torso In The Tank,  they murdered Princess Diana to get off with those murders they then went on to murder Jill Dando who was closing In on the Murders who also had a side line providing child prostitutes for members of Parliament when visiting Fulwell Infants School Sunderland where abducted children were taken to be schooled so as to make it easy for those scum to access, as the brothel they use when in the area is only half a mile away from the school at Stan Henry and his son Ian's mansion West House 4 Boldon lane east Boldon South Tyneside England UK, I know all this for sure because my cousin In Law had a meeting with Jill Dando and Doctor kelly about Children abducted for my Loins By Pop Star pedophiles lennox and Stewart who also stole children from me since I was 15, Dave Stewart worked as a finder and groomer and pimp for Ian jenkins Alistair darlings head Ponce and the Jimmy Savile of Sunderland and Newcastle Gosforth where Ian Jenkins now lives having been thrown out of Sunderland for arranging the murder of Alistair Darling's boyfriend Gerard Harford I was their the night Alistair darling and Chris Mullen Alan Milburn and David and Edward Miliband sacrificed Gerard Harford his body was found in the River wear, the murders also Incuded Terence Duffy and Alan Arthur Millican, who also murdered Mrs Morrison by throwing her off the Alexander Bridge, the same murders of princess Diana also murdered the 16 children and 1 teacher from Dunblain School Alistar, Tony and gordon's pedophile rings favourite stop off on the way to Alistair Darling home these scum rent boys masquerading as politicians should be brought to justice Operation Hydrant was doing just that before the murdered Jill Dando now I have been left fighting these scum and their murders on my own because of Masonic malpractice they are still getting away with murder Brian mackenzie murder my Son who he pretended was his Grand Son his son Robert arranged the murder by creating a fake motor bike accident opposite the Ramside Hall, County Durham,  Janet Mackenzie divorced Robert she knew they murdered princess Diana and her son our son a son I did not know I had, they made sure I did after they murdered  him by running him off the road using the same white vans used in the murders of  Princess Diane and Dodi Al fayed, Jill Dando and Doctor kelly, the same white vans were used in the murder of Peter Gowling they were also stalking him in jesmond as the police report will also confirm,  he was the son in law of the Murder Stan Henry and wanted out, after they set him up for a Cocaine deal in Ireland where he was sent with their money to by Cocaine he was arrested in the Airport in Ireland, he was shot in the head with a pellet gun by Russel Bonalie and Ian Henry big time drug dealers and informers for the police from the North East who planned with the help of Brian Mackenzie and Chief Inspector Hafferty  all the murders after 1977   The Torso In The Tank the motive for Ian Henry to arrange and carry out the murders via Russell Bonalies gang Patrick Terence Thompson, Gary Pern, Albert harding,  Jeff Verell, Norman Massey and Grant Tully who's father was also took part in the murder of Ilene MacDougal the reason Grant Tully took part, arrest all these scum and you will do the world a big favour they brag about snuff movies they made of the murders and say no one can touch us because of Lord Brian Mackenzie and Lord Alistair darling and Sir Billy Blair, Tony Blair Cherie Blair they have covered it all up and even Mrs Blair stole a child from me by deception, Katherine is my daughter who they tried to murder in 2005 Sleeping tablets her mother was very disappointed that she survived Sir Billy Blair put a 70 year press ban on all the murders and stopped the investigations into his family connection to all the murders by arranging the murders and cover ups he is now living in Hong Kong as a Deputy judge having married the Chinese Ambassadors daughter who arranged the theft of another child of mine via a cantonese woman who pretended she was vulnerable so that I would take her into my home she said her ex husband is a heroin and Cocaine dealer Mark Forrester from Jarrow part of the David Chang Gang from newcastle Upon Tyne Chang works for the murder and drug king pin Stan Henry who also arranged for the theft of my daughter Katherine Blair and my Son with the help of a woman who said she could not get pregnant she is 42 years old Mei Hua He Forrester she tried to murder me by poisoning so I cannot go to her house to see my son and she got help to get a passport and a flat of her own, 3 yeas later i find out she was back with her husband the heroin and Cocaine dealer working for the gang. and the local labour party have helped her target me for favours

  6. Dann Steffey

    Instead of just saying "it's weird" to all things misunderstood. Research a little and then discuss. Thanks for what you do but in my opinion you could do more. Knowledge is power.

  7. Kimberlee Lucas

    Cleavage is a good thing if you’re keeping it sexy…. that much cleavage is not sexy…. because maybe no one else will tell you….. Keep it clean girlfriend…. it’s closer to plumbers crack.

  8. tommy edwards


  9. Rosie Rabbit Garden

    She is so freakin ignorant she really should shut up. From the very start she proclaims "conspiracy theory" He lays in some details then she opens up her ignorant mouth. Nooo Trump did not have anything to do with this. Please ask her to research before she adds commentary. Sooo freakin stupid. She is sipping the propaganda machine.

  10. just me Marcy

    First of all stop lying. Trump admitted he was in the same circles as these people, that's why he knows them so well. Get your facts straight, Trump gave testimony against Epstein in his earlier trials. There's nothing on the left not know Progressive none of them are any good. Trump will win again he is chosen by God go look at the Trump prophecies by a Prophet by the name of Kim Clemente. Stop your lies about Donald Trump


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