The Last Toothpick You'll Ever Buy?? // Happymodel Larva-X 🏁⚡👍

in this video we're checking out the larvae ex from half a mile this is another toothpick styled around here but it's sort of like an upgraded version of the sail fly ex and this comes with of better motors it's got the 11 oops we 7000 TV motors here three millimeter bottom plates he's got an upgraded all on flex roll this is the new crazy bf4 version 3.0 it has a 10 am foreign one ESC now and I think they fixed the capacitor shoot it's not there's no capacitor on the plug anymore I think they've added those to the board itself this one here is the onboard receiver version I'll explain I'll talk about that here a little bit koves was a diamond BTX that I already did it already to a review video on it's a video transmitter 25200 milliwatts plus an onboard DVR so you can put a microSD card here record your flights there from Street from the camera and you get new video breakup obviously in those recordings I'll see that a little bit later this come with the Emax of on my crew two and a half inch props here instead of the violated props and they got the run cam man or two for the camera so overall pretty nice package here the frame is fairly stiff three millimeters thick and fairly solid the only thing I would change about this build would be these standoffs here or these screws that hold everything together these little white ones here no they're not on I think that there should be steel it just caused the top to wiggle a little bit there wasn't really any jello and from the canopy but yeah something that I think they could change and a messenger said to them now they can't be here is not a final version for sure this is a 3d printed canopy that's let's not TP you it's like some sort of a PLA or abs or something like that's pretty hard but the final version of the can be is going to be molded plastics so I'm not sure what color is gonna be if you guys have any suggestions on what colors that they should use let me know when it comes below I'll pass that on as well as any other suggestions you think about this model this is still technically a prototype it's not a final version this one here does come with the free sky spi receiver ucv a little antenna right there it's kind of hard to see so not the best range of course with the onboard SPI receiver so if you're looking for better range there's the plug-and-play version does not have an onboard receiver you can add your own receiver there's an Rx SR version and there's also a crossfire nano version actually that's the one that I'm actually going to request and see if I can't see how that performs because I'm kind of curious were they gonna stick their crossfire nano receiver as well as the antenna that should be an interesting product I think so that'll be of course down the road not right now not obviously in this video but yeah I mean we're all like the product pretty solid in terms of design and the build obviously it's a toothpick style this design here you know there's a lot of these toothpick style quads out now so nothing to particularly you know innovative or different compared to a lot of the other ones you've seen already on my channel I'm going to show you what the weight is okay so here's the wheat without any battery just I'm under 50 grams and I'm using a 3 s 300 million power high volts this is one that's for you or UAV there's ones from Asia Xin happy model all the G&B and crazy pony I think they're all made at the same place but this is the battery that I will I use for my flights and so with the battery together it's coming at 75 point 75 grams I would say that if you want a little bit more flight time you know as I'm probably getting about three minutes on this battery feel more flight time go to like a 453 yes I did have to adjust the tune that they provided I think that the tune is for a 350 for s and I didn't really like that tune too much you know I'm told that that's probably gonna change so I'm not gonna you know knock them too much for the chin because it's not the final version but I did just dip his a little bit for this battery and I got a pretty good flat I mean I was pretty happy with just making some really minor adjustments and using this battery I thoughtfully pretty good so I want to get the final version if if on board kids aren't any good I will probably do a kid video later on but not for this particular video because this is not a final version right now anyway so overall I thought this looked pretty good I think that there's a few minor things that I would suggest that they tweak but I think this is uh almost are pretty much the finished product here you know I definitely would recommend you check it out if you're interested in a binding fly ready to go toothpick style quad with onboard video recording anyway here still fight for the shreya and I'll talk to you guys in the next video [Applause]

The Larva-X is a “traditional” toothpick form factor with the amazing Diamond VTX for onboard recording of your FPV flights. This is like the Sailfly-X but in steroids!

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35 comments on “The Last Toothpick You'll Ever Buy?? // Happymodel Larva-X 🏁⚡👍

  1. ibusnawi

    Hi Albert Kim,
    I ordered one with on board Flysky receiver. Haven't got a chance to check in detail of the Betaflight configuration except binding and changing vtx power to 25mW. First trial at home, it shot up upon arming, and hit the ceiling! Was thinking it's a one-off situation and did a trial this morning in an open field. Again, upon arming, it shot up quite high around 10m but was able to control shortly afterwards. A couple of disarming/arming were happening normally.
    But the next one was a horror! It shot up very high and kept on climbing without me being able to control at all! Until I lost sight of it and it's gone forever. 😢
    I have a video footage on it recorded from my goggle.
    I believe it's a malfunction of the FC board from HappyModel. I have submitted my complaint via Banggood and waiting for an answer.

  2. RC Drone

    Hello Albert. I was trying to use your discount code for the Banggood anniversary sale to use on the skyzone 030 oled goggles. It says invalid code.
    Can you help ? I need the deal.
    Thank you

  3. quadthing copter

    I put a very small buzzer on mine for lost model etc, fits snug under the front of the canopy, the fc is short on 5v outputs did not want to share with receiver or vtx so soldered positive to vbat as buzzer + was in use, soldered ground to buzzer – works great, but be careful when soldering as i just pulled the neutral wire slightly to see if it held when i soldered it, ended up pulling the pad off and having to trace connection back to the fet but managed to solder buzzer cable to the tiny fet. When buying in the uk with a frsky r-xsr it did not come with lbt firmware so needs flashing if using European firmware.

  4. Stewart Hanson

    Hey Albert- I hate to bother you with this but I got the update you had on the diamond vtx and using the CLI to make it so it doesn’t stay on 200mw during a crash. I’m not real good with computers so when I thought I typed it in correctly it came back and said error. Probably a dumb question but do I type in command set and then the vtx_low_power_disarm = On, And do I also have to type then save and enter to reboot And if I do it correctly how will I know? Oh- and one last thing- is the vtx automatically set to 200mw by default. I’m 60 years old and have very limited computer skills but you’ve helped me a lot! Thanks Albert- much appreciated

  5. vegashelinut

    Hey Albert I ordered one of these little guys using your link (-: Looking forward to zipping it around the park by the house! Thanks for another great review like always Albert…

  6. Sterling Youngman

    I don't know if you've had the chance to fly the official released version, but I was wondering how you would compare it to the tinyhawk freestyle? Having the DVR is nice. I have been eyeballing a crossfire version, but that would be my first crossfire drone and that is probably overkill for this little thing. What do you think?

  7. Rabs FPV

    unfortunately after those crazybee boards quality decreased after production (bait and switch imo) (even with the easy 5v reg fix) I cant support that board anymore. cool to see though thanks for the review!

  8. birdman316 RC

    nice kwad bro!
    looks great on the pit table and in the air!
    and who says you cant fly good??? your flyin looks gr8 to me!!
    now me……im needing lots more sticktime but im getting there haha!!

  9. Hugo Bokhorst

    How would these Avan props work on the Diatone Cube 229 10000KV? Would it be more quiet? I'm looking for similar or better performance to the Tinyhawk Freestyle (but with better components of course than the THFS,) and also similar noise level (I fly in big city park) thanks!

  10. Drone Fart

    Got 2 hapymodel products both burnt out before 2weeks (no crashes) one was the mobula and the other was the hd.. I am really reluctant on getting any happy model at this point until they get there quality control up to par.

  11. sensei_d.fpv

    Ordered the runcam nano, diamond vtx and xm+ for my eachine red devil and replaced the fc with the geprc aio and then happymodel announced this beauty… damn you happymodel! Damn youuuu!! 🤣


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