The Most Advanced Mavic Pro "Clone" Drone – Obtain C-Fly!

Please subscribe for more1 This is by far the most advance Mavic Pro Look – A – Like drone of 2017-2018. It features a 5MP 1080P camera with a 3-axis gimbal. The battery can hold up to 18 minutes of continuous flight time, and it has gps build-in with 2212 brushless motors. Check the entire video for more info!

Link to the product:

Here are two coupon codes for the product
Coupon Code: FLYOB20 (10 units limited)-this coupon only works for the black version
Coupon Price: $329.99
Coupon Code: 15%obtain (500 units limited)
Coupon Price: $330.56

Main Features:
● Foldable mechanical arms and special propellers make the drone extremely portable
● GPS + GLONASS dual systems enable stable flight, Low Voltage Return, Fail-safe Return etc.
● Smooth shots – 2K photos, 1080P Full HD videos stabilized by the 3-axis brushless gimbal
● Thrilling flight with 480P real-time FPV, 12m/s speed, up to 28 minutes’ flying
● User-friendly Follow Me Mode, Point of Interest, Waypoints for professional aerial photography

Aircraft size: 50 x 45.5 x 9.4cm ( unfolded ); 21.6 x 10 x 9.4cm ( folded )
Transmitter battery: 3.7V 2200mAh lithium-ion battery ( built-in )
Transmitter operation time: 120 minutes
Transmitter charge time: 180 minutes
WiFi FPV: 480P 25fps, within 1000m range
App download: QR code on user manual
Compatible system: iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4 or later

32 comments on “The Most Advanced Mavic Pro "Clone" Drone – Obtain C-Fly!

  1. Royal King

    It looks good, but it's in the price range of the Parrott Beebop 2! Which is what I rather have over this, but it looks good. I also have my eyeballs on the F11 another beast.

    The Mavic Pro is a monster bro, not many drones are comparable!. I personally love Parrot and DJI drones. Cheaper ones are good too!.

    I've been checking out the F11! Might be my next drone.

    Great review.

  2. apollo8615

    You get what you pay for. Everything about this drone looks cheap. Nothing beats a DJI product. Might be a good little cheap training drone for a kid. Where are the sensors on this thing? I could go on and on.

  3. indiana146

    You might as well save up and get something decent a lot of Chinese copies are rubbish wether it’s drones or anything else I recently plugged in a Chinese charger that exsploded

    I understand not everyone has the money
    But also for repairs etc where do you

    Two phrases for this come to mind
    You cut your coat according to your cloth
    And if you pay peanuts you get monkeys

    The video was good but you can not compare this to a Dji mavic pro

  4. clik uk

    Nothing like a mavric you get what you pay for its a tiddly wink plastic drone with lots of bits
    And i dont have a drone yet but when i buy one it will be a mavic

  5. Michael Preyer

    If you are as old as me (I doubt you are), you will remember reading the boring and stupid "Dick and Jane" books in first grade (back in the early 1960's). This is a drone version in honor of that series of books: "C-Fly drone. C-drone fly! Fly drone, fly! C-drone crash! C Jane cry. C Dick stomp on C-Fly. Shoo C-FLY, shoo!"

  6. batchboy999

    Hi, super! Was hoping for decent range price that is near Mavic Pro quality(!), and alas seems here!
    Question: What wind speed can it stand holding one gps position? (btw, is that the same thing as max speed? Seems it may be).


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