The SHORTest path to becoming a PRO Drone Racing Pilot | 2019 DRL Sim Tryouts

all right if you're watching this video you're probably in CFP we'd run racing which means you're into fpv in general which pretty much makes us best friends and what the best friends do well they share things and on this video I'm gonna share with you guys what my experience was as a guest at the 2019 swatch DRL symchay outs that went down in Las Vegas my name is Tommy and for most people in this hobby flying fpv is probably a recreational thing it's super fun it's something that you do with a group of friends and you have a good time some of you guys might be in the FPV freestyle some of you might like to make some cinematic pieces that get millions of views and some of you probably like to race and if you're watching this you probably like to race now for a select few of you though fpv drone racing can actually be a career and when I see a career I don't mean like your winning prize money what I'm talking about is you're getting paid you're getting paid cheese moolah to be a drone racing pilot active actually competing is what you're getting paid to do and now to me that's a huge thing and one of the organization's that's making that happen is DRM now what I like about the drone racing league is that anybody can become a drone racing pilot in other motorsports and other industries if you want to get to that pro level you probably have to climb your way up right you probably have to win a couple of smaller or junior league races and it involves getting sponsors and teams and it could be a very costly thing if you don't have the means to do so but DRL has created this shortcut path to where john doe pilot super racer extraordinaire can do this without even having to build the drone without having to fly an actual real drone and what i'm talking about is is if you can go online and hit a qualifying time trial you can be invited to the DRL sim tryouts now this year it was held in las vegas nevada at the hyper esports arena if you haven't been to the esports arena is legit now I I haven't been there so I got to take a minute to just kind of talk to you about this because it is this huge venue that is completely geared towards eSports the whole world of eSports and not just that but also just the ability to produce and cover such an event so this eSports arena was crazy so first of all it's like two levels you come in to the entrance and it's got DRL and swatch branding everywhere everything looks nice and beautiful and gorgeous and you've got a plethora of staff just sitting there ready to answer your questions about the TRL research 3 maybe he had some questions about the RL in general or the sim tryouts and obviously there was folks there from swatch that would answer any of your question because they had a nice looking set of watches on display with swatch of course being one of the main sponsors for DRL so you go into this entrance and you've got these nice beautiful displays there was even the super impressive huge deconstructed model of the DRL racer 3 showing you all the different components that goes into it I thought that was pretty cool and if you were there as a spectator you could apply the Sims race against some of the DRL pilots you could even fly tiny whoops right inside of the arena there was just so much to do it was a lot of fun or you could watch the other pilots practice and actually compete or just sit in the general audience area because they had the entire big screen that was basically displaying the entire race all live with the host an announcer Tony and Travis did a phenomenal job hosting the event and really the whole production was really really good now if you were a pilot online you competed and if you had a certain qualifying time you got invited to come all you needed to do is bring your radio you sit down you plug in and you get some practice time but after the practice time comes competition time because then there's time child now that time child produces the top 20 for that top 24 then goes into your standard bracket style elimination moving yourself all the way up into the finals and the way to win is basically by accruing points from each heat obviously the pilot with the most points is the person who wins and the winner gets a $75,000 contract as a DRL pro racing pilot now that's freaking huge I mean think about this you could theoretically not ever build a drone not ever touch a real a drone you don't probably don't even have to spend a dime maybe you can go and borrow a radio from somebody and just put in some good old stick time on that simulator win this tournament and then earn yourself into a seat as a DRL pro racing pilot the whole event was awesome like there was so many people it was completely packed it was also two stories of course it wouldn't be Vegas without some drinks and some beverages and there was a live DJ that really gave the whole thing a party like vibe so myself Andrew is actually invited to this event to do a little bit of a talk about fpv piloting and Howard Jones simulators could benefit by the Freestyle as well as gem racing so that was a whole lot of fun so if you were there to just hang out it was awesome because not only were the DRL pilots from previous years there but also some well-known fpv pilots that came to party and play and rub shoulders and shake hands and say what's up and just have a good old time [Applause] nobody got one of those yeah we got some food we got some peaches over here stop Tommy what up good good good I can't even see yeah the crowd was so awesome and they were into it they were cheering on they were clapping they were booing and eyeing they were standing up from the end of their seats the racing was awesome the competitors were super fierce I'm pretty sure that's part of the reason why the crowd was so into it and the DRL sim also really made it easy to spectate because with the DRL sim you can see the drones from a third-person view and it leaves a little bit of a trail so that it's really easy to follow along and see what's going on all right so spoiler alert if you haven't seen it and you don't want to know who won you might want to fast-forward this next 10 seconds but big congratulations big props too little flux II which I think after talk to him afterwards he just goes by the name of flexi aka Kris so shout-out team man congratulations much deserve I did watch you race and you were definitely super consistent and that's what it takes to win these races you don't necessarily always have to be the fastest but you can certainly be the most consistent and it is definitely a good strategy in collecting points which is how the real DRL season works the live stream is lives there on YouTube for you to watch and if you're interested in the simulator just go check out DRL dot IO that does a really good job of simulating what the DRL racer three looks like so many many thanks to swatch and DRL for having me out there as a guest it was a ton of fun you guys took really good care of me and it looks like he also took really good care of the participating pilots as well as the spectators in the audience which i think is really really huge when you put a big event together like this it's really easy to overlook you know a one or two aspects of the entire thing and I think that DRL really nailed it on the head with this event so I'm looking forward to the next one and if you are an aspiring fpv drone racing pilots maybe you should put some stick time in download that DRL simulator and maybe see you next year at the tryouts alright y'all drop it down to comments let me know what you guys think about this short cut past that DRL has provided to becoming a drone racing pilot and I will see y'all [Applause] camera set let's get two of these in here all right y'all 2019 swatch TRL a super packed house and I get to go past this line because I'm with her Oh at the port of that's it job the 2019 SWAT DL tryouts the winner little flexi confess to that guy man and with that we have time to go party and celebrate party and party

The DRL Sim Tryouts could very well be the shortest path to becoming a Professional Drone Racing Pilot. Watch my experience as a guest to the 2019 Swatch DRL Sim Tryout event.

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  1. Justin Case

    FPV is now a crime here in Canada thanks to the moron called Marc Garneau. LOS only, no more legal FPV, spotter by your side and no spectators closer than 30 feet away. Every piece of shit must have a licence plate, no beer and fly, no epic shit on YT cause they will get you!
    Appreciate your freedom guys, God bless America, the land of FPV.

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    Hot hot hot I can give this video 50 thumbs up but it deserves πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸΌ lil Wicked coming right out to New York very excited about the hobby I’m into it i’m a freestyle pilot Keep up the great work


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