The Westgate drone club sweeps the podium! – 2018

Hey Arlington Heights, Adam Harris here…your, Communications Coordinator. I'm excited to be at Westgate Elementary School
today because I'm with our champion Westgate Flyers Drone Club. They went to
New Trier High School and competed against area teams in a drone
flying competition…and really, it was more than just drone flying. They learned
everything there is to know about drones and a lot of trial and error. How to
troubleshoot and fix it all… I'm with Nate, Aaron, and Caleb…you guys,
wave. Awesome. Show us your trophies. boom! First, second, and third here at Westgate…our champions! It's awesome. Okay, so I'm gonna start with asking you guys what
your favorite part of participating in Drone Club was. My favorite part was
troubleshooting and pit crew because I like pit crew because I like to be
more hands on. I like to go pick up the drones fix them, plug the batteries
back in, and things like that. I like flying, but I think I like that much
better. (off screen) You like behind-the-scenes stuff…yeah…yeah. (off screen) Aaron, what was your favorite part? I kind of like the same as Caleb because I…it's like…I like to fly it of course but it's more fun to go through the
obstacles and having like the rush of like having to flip it over in such
little time… (Caleb) Just to make your team win because without us, it's gonna be much
harder. (off screen) great so it showed a lot about (off screen) how like every role in a team matters…Nate what was your favorite part of drone club? My favorite part was at the
beginning when we made when we drew on these pieces of paper. I just drew what could have been…it could have been the… (off screen from Caleb) logo The logo. (off screen) Oh, so you were designing the logo for the drone club? Yea! I drew it. It wasn't that one…(off screen) but
like you were just working with your team to do it? yeah… right, okay, I was really alone in doing that one. yeah that's really cool so it I guess it does show
like it is more than just flying a drone to have this Drone Club. I mean you've
got people designing marketing tools and and designing logos like Nate over here…and then you guys just working in the pit crew with it too it's more than just
the flying aspect. All right, can you give me…who here feels like they they want to
tell like what they learned from drone club. We'll go over here Nate will come back
to you. So I learned like before I always thought flying…like I have helicopters in
my house. I always thought flying was just sticking the
fly button all the way up…but yeah so I learned that it's not just that.
You have to be careful with how fast you're moving it. You have to know what
buttons to press if it's drifting. I learned like all of the many details not
just the big stuff. (off screen) I love that yeah so like mini helicopters probably Aaron,
right? Nate what did you learn? Well, I learned pretty much the same as Caleb. It's not it's not all about just pushing the button to go up all the way up it's
about knowing how high you should go, how low, and how fast. (off screen) And using your eyes and feeling it ya know? Yea, and also using the camera that showed the first-person view of the drone. (off screen) Of the drones? Love it man. I think you guys learned a lot. It's awesome. You guys have anything else to say? No, except that it was really fun. 🙂 It was very fun. I would recommend it to any fifth graders next year, because I think they would have a lot of fun. I know that they have their own club..but I personally think
this was more fun. And it's like doing modern stuff not just all like yeah not coding…these are things that might help you later like when people want to hire
you or something like that. It's just like really helpful especially because
it's a technology that we could use later. (off screen) Drones are gonna be everywhere in
the future yeah right? Alright guys, thank you…congratulations.
Show us your trophies again…First, second, third… I mean wow we swept it man! We were on
the podium at Westgate. Alright guys, say goodbye…see ya!

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