This 5-pound egg has a 4K camera drone inside

      38 Comments on This 5-pound egg has a 4K camera drone inside

Read the CNET review:
Its design might be unlike other quadcopters, but the PowerVision PowerEgg is just as powerful as the competition.

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38 comments on “This 5-pound egg has a 4K camera drone inside

  1. JS T

    IT IS A PIECE OF JUNK! Makes a good conversation piece on your Mantel though! The Camera is NOT a true 360 degree camera. It only swings about 340 degrees and then you have to reverse direction to go the other way. Waypoints in the software are horrible. Basically it is a PILE OF CRAP or JUNK!

    Powervision has lowered the price to $499 as I think they are trying to get rid of them and they NO LONGER support the drone.

    Looks good sitting on my shelf though!

    Avoid wasting your money on this Junk!

  2. charles john

    The design is not the best for your first drone that you hope will help Drone fan like myself respect your company and only 20mins of flight time for 1300 dollars I believe most pilot will pass on this one. When most company are moving up the flight time and I believe eventually will have 40mins of flight time for quadcopters sooner than later

  3. John

    This product is awful. I got one of these expecting to feed a family of 10 only to find out the thing is a drone. We all went hungry that day, hungry for 5-pound eggs.

  4. Bil Shaw

    so the egg hatches into a drone..

    Josh.. may i suggest something, i think you should start putting drone reviews into 3 categories.. beg..mid and expert , similar to cnet segments some years ago, that way it will be easy for people to know if its good for them.


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