Top 5 Business Uses for Drones in 2019

coming up next the top five uses for drones in business in 2019 hey guys David plumber here from aerial influence thank you for checking out the channel make sure you hit like make sure you hit subscribe we appreciate it alright today we are talking about drones in the business world I think 2019 is gonna be a huge year where the tide is gonna turn we're gonna go away from the hobbyist I mean hobbyist drones are gonna still be around for years to come don't get me wrong laws are getting a little harder but for the people in the business world that want to use drones it's getting a little easier so let's talk about the top five uses for drones in the business world in 2090 number five delivery okay so this is the one that everybody's been talking about everyone's been excited about for the last several years they keep talking about how one day drones are gonna deliver things to us at our homes Amazon's been talking about it forever not saying that we're definitely gonna be there in 2019 but I think we're gonna get closer I think you're gonna see a lot more small communities that are going to be testing this technology out they're gonna have permission to do this I'm not saying that Amazon is gonna be dropping stuff at your doorstep across the country anytime in the very near future but I do think 2019 is gonna be a turning point I think you're gonna start to see the technology sort of broaden out different parts of the country they're gonna test it out and then eventually down the line maybe a couple years from now it's gonna be pretty commonplace so yeah I think delivery is a big one for drones in 2019 it's gonna take off in the near future but 2019 is gonna be a big turning number for environmental monitoring and conservation whether you believe it's true or you don't believe it's true global warming is at least a hot button in the political world and I think drones are gonna play an important part of that whether it is monitoring animals and their migration or it is monitoring erosions of certain coastlines I think drones are gonna play an important part with scientists trying to figure this out as we go along in the very near future I think 2019 we're gonna see a lot of that you're gonna see a lot more drones flying monitoring wild animals as they sit in their natural number three of the media world so obviously drones have been playing a huge role in media for several years now really all started in the movie world where they were attaching cinema cameras to giant drones and flying them for films now you can go away down to a Matic pro to much much cheaper great imagery maybe not cinema level but then you can go all the way through inspire there are several different options in the filmmaking world and and also in the TV news world you know I know right now TV stations are using drones to go up live to capture traffic reports to capture weather reports really an invaluable tool if you work in the media you want to look into getting to room number two emergency services now we are already working with police and fire departments around the Midwest setting them up with drone departments they're flying the tree tsa's with thermal cameras with z30 it's got a huge zoom range on it they're also flying the Mavericks they're even looking into the Phantom for RTK for crime-scene reconstruction so these are really really important tools they're saving lives for people so if you're interested please give us a call check out our number or check out our website we can definitely help you out in that regard all right and the number one use for drones in the business world in 2019 is agriculture that's right agriculture it is definitely a head scratcher for some people but farmers are already using drones to research their crops to research their fields to diagnose their crops to spray their crops to seed their fields this is really interesting technology and is gonna really change the landscape of farming in America over the next several years starting in 2019 we've got a drone it's the DJI address mg1 these drones can spray seven to ten acres per hour so really can cover a lot of ground so if you own a huge farm and you've got an area of your farm that is really hard to reach say with a crop duster you could use the a grass if you own a small farm and you just want to cover a really small area but you want to spray it regularly you want to be able to seed it yourself you might be able to use the a grass for that all right now I'm cheating just a little bit here I'm also giving us a one dad be so it's the top five but really it's the top six you can't talk about drones in the business world without talking about construction multi-billion dollar business around the world has been for several years it's just gonna continue to grow 20:19 is gonna be a really strong year for construction as well in the drone industry don't forget that if you're not using drones already and you work in construction it's time to get with the program a lot of really exciting stuff happening in the drone world in 2019 we are on top of it if you're interested give us a call three one two eight eight – six five – four or email us at contact at aerial influence comm we are so excited about the drone industry we hope you are – we hope you'll get on board before your competitors do

Drones have been hugely popular among hobbyists for years, but we’re just starting to feel the effects of drones in the business world. Here are the Top 5 Business Uses for Drones in 2019.

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