Top 5 New Crazy Drones this Fall 2017

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hey guys stop intro here this is the top five craziest coolest drones that I've seen for the fall 2017 we're going to start out with number one right here is 2j j r CH for t 2w h and this thing is a trip we're gonna sing it's a butterfly drone but it's not just any kind of butterfly it even has lights look at that if that's not one of the coolest drones I've ever seen now I think this is just gonna be a novelty drone but it's a cool novelty drum and it even has four heads first-person view which is kind of nice of course it has all your stuff look at this it even has waypoints how cool is I mean for $42 to get a toy drone like this that has waypoints and has returned to home and of course the thing does your tricks which are really cool but this is the thing that's surprising about this drone it's why it's number one it does voice commands you tell it where to go left or right forward backwards it has voice commands how cool is that and of course it has the virtual reality and I like the fact that the wings are detachable as well so if you don't want to keep the wings on there you can just take them right off it's got a really nice controller and it goes it you can use your remote controller or you can use your phone and I'm impressed with the the battery it gives it the batteries a 600 mah battery yet it's only six minutes of flight time so not a lot of flight time and this is a tiny little German look at I think it's only five centimeters high not very very large it's a tiny little thing but the flight distance control distance is only between 30 to 40 meters so it's not very far with a flight time around five six minutes and number two though we got the 10:31 skull drone look this bad boy is that not scary or what I'm telling if I saw just think fly around my house I'd be afraid I'll entertain forty five forty six dollars and this is number two I mean how would you like to have this thing flying around your neighborhood now when you go to not direct links to all these drones below what's kind of cool about the stroller look that thing fly man so does videos on YouTube for this drone are a it's a new drone but I I can see myself flying this around my neighborhood so but it looks like a really cool little drone and it doesn't have a very and has and and has a pretty distant a decent control distance now it has a flight time around 6 to 8 minutes with a decent controlling distance between 80 and 100 meters that's not bad for this little drone for it's only forty five forty six dollars it's not going to have a camera but then again you're not going to be flying it for that purpose you're gonna be flying this this is really the drone for you guys or into play on your scary costumes for Halloween but it looks like a really cool Johnson number two on my list here alright and number three we got the KD if I'm saying it right k ding this is the k ting k 130 it's a drone looks like an egg look at that it's an egg drone a flying egg now you'll notice the price between 29 $39 there was a reason why that is I'll tell you why in just a moment but it's got a pretty cool look a little controller but it's a flying egg and I found this at pretty cool-looking little drone that this drone here is actually a take off from the power vision power egg which is a much more expensive journal we're talking in around thirteen fourteen hundred dollars a very expensive professional drone that's definitely on to take on your more professional DJI drones but this is just a toy drone here and again it's only twenty twenty six twenty pound thirty dollars now the thing with this drone if you buy it with the camera then you use your phone to control it the thing is about the size of an egg it's the same size as an extra-large egg and the thing has if you buy it with if you buy without a camera then it will come with a transmitter but if you buy it with the camera if you want to have the camera on anything you would have to use your cell phone it's not a very big camera only 0.3 megapixels but it has a flying time around six minutes and a distance of around 40 minutes so it's not very very far of a distance and flying there but for that price that's not bad definitely a cool drone at number four is to hit home sixteen or 160 eleven airbag Girona this drone is just a trip I mean look at it's only 32 hours it's a brand new drone just coming out ships get ready to ship this drone is really meant for kids it's really meant for it's a children's drone and I like but I was what surprised me is it had voice control and that's really surprising to see the handsome boys controls but you'll see here they're even saying this is for little kids it's a germ for indoors interestingly enough they won't and the videos here on this site they're showing it outside as well but it really in my opinion it looks like it's gonna be designed for indoor flight especially since you have to use your cell phone to control the storm now the only issue I have with this drone here is that it has a controlled distance of around up to 50 meters and the flight time of only between six and eight minutes which isn't bad it's pretty good but it's meant for kids and what concerns me about this journey though is that they require it doesn't have a transmitter so you have to use your cell phone to control this drone so you can be given your cell phone to your eight nine-year-old flying the drone in the house and then all a sudden your phone rings and you got to pick up the answer the call now you got to pry that phone away from your kid unless your kid has a cell phone and at number five we had the D so I hope I'm Santa right this o D so oh nine it's an egg also well actually it's a ball it's not a it's a ball it's a ball shaped foldable drunk but look at that it that cool it's not really large it's kind of a small charm but as I look at it it has it has a camera but I think lights the bottom the dream look really really cool see those lights there has pretty cool looking low lights so again this drone is also not much as like my 40 bucks and all of these turns as I see them they're all novelty germs so that's my top 5 list this one here only goes up to 50 meters with a flight time of around spide the six minutes not very far yeah but it has a pretty it has a decent camera around 2 megapixels not bad so $40 ok so there you go I'm Tom Joan this is the top 5 coolest drones the fall of 2017 and let me what you think guys what do you think which one's your favorite drone now honorable mention does go out to the fly poe fly pro squid foldable drone pretty done expensive the camera isn't all that great for $90 it only has a controlled distance of up to 50 meters and about the 30 meters controlled distance and a 1 megapixel camera and flight time going around five six minutes it's not very far and then there's this drone here doesn't this look like the sky tech m71 doesn't it look like a Star Trek doesn't look doesn't look like the Star Trek Enterprise a little bit it looks a little bit like the Star Trek Enterprise waiting to see what is best and finally the G tang T 9 11 w the G tank e-911 w just a cool looking drones around $4 honorable mention all right guys I'm time adjourned that so does my pick for the top five craziest crazy cool craziest cool new drones for the fall 2017 let me know which one is your favorite which one do you like I got direct links to all of them down below check them out and I'll talk to you please like it like and subscribe a lot more video reviews coming up I'm Tom Jaron talk to you next time

These Drones are great beginner toy drones that are just for play and fun and are great for flying in the office.
Top 5 Craziest Drones Fall 2017:
#1. JJRC H42WH Drone
#3. KaiDeng K130 (mini Egg Drone)
Professional Power Vision Power Egg
#4. Hitehome 16011 Kids Drone
#5. Diso 09 Ball Drone
Honorable Mention:
FLYPRO Squid Foldable Drone
Skytech M71 Drone
GTENG T911W Mini Foldable Drone

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