UAE: Mini spy drones showcased in Abu Dhabi

1. M/S Turkish Aerospace Simsek

2. W/S Customers at Aerovironment booth

3. M/S Turkish Aerospace Turna drone

4. M/S Model of Turkish Aerospace medium drone

5. C/U Turkish drone model

6. M/S Aeryon Scout Aerial system

7. C/U Aeryon drone

8. M/S Aerovironment Raven

9. C/U Raven drone

10. M/S Griffon Aerospace Outlaw MQM-170C drone

11. C/U Griffon drone

Mini spy drones showcased in Abu Dhabi

Unmanned aerial vehicles from many nations competed for space at the International Defence Exhibition Conference (IDEX) trade show in Abu Dhabi this week. Surveillance and military drones commanded an entire dedicated section at the show for the first time in its history.

Manufacturers from more than 150 countries are displaying their products, including missile and camera parts to be used in conjunction with the drones. Manufacturers included Turkish Aerospace Industries, showing off the Simsek and Turna target drones for weapons practice, and US company Aeroenvironment, who brought the Raven, a low-altitude intelligence-gathering platform. The Raven can operate at ranges up to 10km and mount infrared cameras to see at night.

The Griffon Aerospace Outlaw MQM-170C drone, also on the show floor, has a wingspan of more than 4 metres (13 ft) and can be mounted with a laser designator for precision missile targeting. Aeryon’s Scout Aerial system is designed more for civilian and police use, and can be flown with simple point-and-click touchscreen controls while streaming video to a smartphone.

According to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, drone strikes have killed at least 475 civilians and 176 children in the last nine years.

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