UPAIR ONE – V1.0.02 – The $370 Drone with 4K Cam & FPV – Courtesy of Banggood!

what is going on everybody J here from machi and J today I got the unboxing and the review of this very interesting drone the comes but pretty much everything you need right out of the box for a very good price and I got it from banggood.com it is called the up air one if you guys follow the history behind this company their first drone was called the up air chase which had a lot of problems then this different company took over which is called G 10 drone and they decided to keep pretty much the same name in the same design however the internals were changed to make it a little bit more reliable and let me tell you they did a tremendous job this drone in particular comes with the battery it comes with a gimbal the 4k camera it has f3b transmission it comes pretty much everything you need out of the box which is really really cool now the only downside of this drone so far that I notice is that it doesn't have any follow-me features and also it only comes with one battery now the battery can be a little bit expensive it's about $100 and the drone itself is 379 if you purchase the 4k model if you get the 2k model it's going to be around three hundred and seven dollars and I believe there are coupons available so yes you can get this drone for quite loped and now getting accessories can be a little bit expensive I guess that's the catch so let's go ahead and look inside of the box and as you guys can tell it is quite huge I had a lot of issues getting this inside here so I will apologize if anything gets out of the way so here we have the first little Chinese paper I guess it has a lot of cautions and warnings and whatnots a matter of fact we do have a translation in English which is really really cool inside we also find some manuals and now they do come in Chinese and also English so you have separate booklets this time which is another cool part about this drone they are giving us support in English so here we have the first booklet we have the second one which is basically a QuickStart guide and then we also have it in Chinese two of them okay so that's very neat setting this aside we have a divider and here is the beauty if you guys ask me this looks very similar to the Phantom 3 and also the Phantom 4 in terms of design so here we got those four Russia's motors okay and it's very easy to install the propellers because they come mark as you guys can see this one has a red dot and this one doesn't so according to that you won't install the propellers I'll be showing you that in just a moment so here is the 50 400-pound Williams 11 pin 1 volts lipo battery that is included it's a smart battery which means that it has the ability to tell you what's your battery status at the current moment you can also power on the transmitter directly from here it has a kind of switch in case you overcharge it it prevents it from exploding and so on and so forth which is really really nice now to get a replacement battery it's about a hundred dollars so yes it is quite expensive unless you're purchased to use which is a little bit of a risk but yes the battery can be expensive and I guess you know it's because of the fact that it is a smart battery then on the bottom here we have the gimbal okay it's included like I said before we have this 4k camera now the 4k camera is interesting guys because basically what they did is just renamed the Firefly 6s that I actually never got to review and they just on rename it to up-air 4k it is a 4k camera that record in 24 frames per second also 1080p 60 frames per second and that's about it so as we can tell us a very simplistic camera we don't have a big screen on the back we only have a little screen on the front side of it I believe it's a 12 megapixel sensor inside so yes this is very nice that we have at least a camera included on here and yes of course we're going to be testing it later on in this video our next item will be the transmitter itself this is a 2.4 gigahertz transmitter and it comes with the fvb 5.8 gigahertz however guys I did have a lot of issues getting a long-range I get about 120 meters to 160 meters which is not a lot on the front here we have a 7 inch screen it has a resolution of 800 by 480 something like that so we can tell is very clean we don't have any trims whatsoever on here we just basically got this switch which gives you position hold also Alta to hold and finally a headless mode ok that's what the right one I believe right now it's on altitude hold mode if you go to the middle side it'll be position hold and then towards the very bottom it'll be this mode okay on the other side of the transmitter we have another switch now this one is very easy to use first of all to take off and to fly you always want to have it on the upper position like it is now and if you flick it down it'll return home using the GPS and whatnot so we have here the little lever to take off and also to move the direction of the drone and this is to go forward backwards and from side to side very basic so on the back here if you can notice we have a little connection for the for the screen itself you can remove it in case you don't want to use the fpv transmission also this switch has different modes the first one is to turn it off which is the very left if you go to the middle it'll turn on the transmitter but not the screen and if you go all the way to the right it'll turn on the screen for you okay so just keep that in mind now inside here you're going to have the little slot for the battery and this is where we're going to fit that lipo battery that I was mentioning before okay so this is a 2200 milliamp living pin 1 volt battery ok and here it is included it comes also with a separate charger for it so for right now let me just go ahead and connect it here briefly for you guys so that way you get an idea of how this works oh I believe I had it on the on position already you hide the little charging cable ok you put in the back and voila that's pretty much it again to turn it on completely you go all the way to the right side or the left side if you're looking at it from the front and there we have the screen so from first glance it looks like it has very nice deep blacks and I would say brightness is okay but when you go outside you're going to have a very hard time viewing stuff on the screen unless you have like a little shade or something that will make it a lot easier our next item here will be the props if you have two different colors one of them comes in black and the other one comes in gray the black one goes where the Red Dot is on your brushless motor so show you guys before and then this one goes on the opposite side so it's very easy to install them nothing too complicated next we got here the wall charger this is for the battery the smart battery that goes let me show you here that goes behind it so this is the battery the connection is right here on the upper side so basically you just grab this make sure that the brand name is facing up you connect it connect it to your power adapter which is right here let me see if I can find it for you guys here it is this is the power cord you connected here connect it to the wall and you should be all set to go so very easy to do as well now here we have the lipo charger for the transmitter battery again it comes included so you're getting all this for just one price inside of the box here we have nothing else just the props that I already show you guys so now let me go ahead and install them get everything ready and talk a little bit more about the drone go to the park and test it up okay guys so we have it right now at the oke Healey Park this is about 15 minutes away from the house and I have already the battery hooked up to the drone and I also have the battery hooked up here to the transmitter so we are all set to go and to get it started first of all you must start your transmitter first before anything else to do so as I said before this our back switch here so if you place it on the middle position it'll be only for the transmitter but if you want the fpv to be functioning you have to go all the way to the right so there we go now you're going to see here the logo I know that I told you guys before that on sunlight it doesn't work very well it's actually very very dim especially if you have sunglasses it'll be even worse so now what we do next is power on here the drone okay let me get a little bit closer to pair it on you have to double press it quickly and then hold it there we go everything is set to go and now it's bonding here with the transmitter itself to get the motor started first of all make sure that you're not on return to home position here with this switch make sure that it is all the way up and then I will recommend to start it on position hold which is the one on the middle side and then what you do is you grab these two Cottle's and you bring them to the middle for about three seconds and that's it you're all set to go so here we go hope you guys enjoy all right so now we coming back from that video sample and as you guys saw it did quite well considering that this is a three hundred and sixty nine dollar drone that comes with pretty much everything including the 4k camera which is the Firefly 6s now I do have some complaints about this drone and one of them is going to be the gimbal as you guys saw from that video even though the quality was okay it was all thanks to the camera but the gimbal does have a little bit of twitching up in the air I really don't know what's causing it maybe this particular one came damaged that could be the case but yet it was a vibrating quite a bunch especially on higher altitude another thing I noticed is that as I mentioned before actually the transmission of the fpv stopped working up to 120 meters which is not a lot considering that this is a 5.8 gigahertz unit those are my two main complaints and I actually have one more is the screen as I said before is very dim out there in the daylight time so other than that guys I think it's a perfect drone especially if you're looking for something affordable to comes with everything out of the box I know that sometimes you know you can get something like the Phantom 3 yes but it doesn't have the fpv capabilities included with it you have to purchase that separately and it could be very expensive so if that's what you're looking for then you're going to be spending anywhere between 600 $700 for for a drone with fpv now this one again it's only 369 you get a brushless motor you get a very decent battery you also get the 4k camera you get pretty much everything included out of the box and it comes ready to fly so there's not much that you need to do now in terms of durability of this drone I can't really speak for that because I only been using it for about a week or so so I can't say that it will last you a long time I also didn't crash it you know it was an immediate crash I just hit the fence with the camera and it did break as you guys can see so I can't speak for the durability I can tell you that at least from the experience that I had at the park I can say that it is a very cool drone to fly other than that guys if you do have any questions you know exactly what to do you leave your comment below don't forget to like this video if you find it helpful also subscribe if you haven't done so thanks for watching and I'll see you on my next one

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-STUNNING AERIAL FILMING: Capture high quality, sharp images and videos up to 4K, with live transmission to view footage on FPV Monitor. Adjust shooting angles while maintaining a stable flight.
-READY-TO-FLY: Comes with remote control, HD LCD monitor, gimbal, 9450 propellers (easily replaceable with DJI propellers) and removeable 4K camera to start flying instantly.
-INTELLIGENT & POWERFUL: Flexible flight modes with GPS Hold, Altitude Hold (provides stable flight if GPS is weak), Headless Mode, & Auto-return Home.
-SAFETY ASSURED: Up to an amazing 25 mins of flight time. Intelligent Battery indicates how long you can continue flying. Auto-return home when battery level is low.
-EASY TO FLY: Follows your commands instantly. Headless Mode gives you an easier way to film without worrying about the direction.

30 comments on “UPAIR ONE – V1.0.02 – The $370 Drone with 4K Cam & FPV – Courtesy of Banggood!

  1. Steph Boeker

    Great video review. I enjoyed it very much 🙂

    I don't have or use a cell phone so I'm looking for a video drone that has it's own monitor like the UpAir One. However, I did see that the gimbal had issues of bouncing or surging which messes up the whole video ?

    Can you suggest (recommend) a drone w/ it's own screen like the UPair ?

    I do like the 15+ min. flight time, the 1K distance control as well as the many plenty other features and price.

    I'm sorry but I don't know the language well yet but what did you mean by FPV (first person video) going out at 120 yds (m) ? Is that the screen loosing signal ?

    Thank you for your generous consideration,
    Sincerely …………………

  2. Grizzlyscar

    I was told there are 4 models of the upair one 4k. Does anyone know anything about that?? I bought one through Amazon from the manufacturer, the drone did not power on, so I returned it with no issue. Reading and watching endless info about this drone (I have an extra battery and propellers so I hope to get a GOOD one of these) I saw a claim that the first and third “models” are good, the second and fourth are not, and that you don’t know what you are getting before it arrives.

    Is this true? If so, is there a way to get the one you want? If not…well I guess I’ll cross fingers or something.


    I got the Upair Chase shortly after release but it was utter crap.
    The issues with it was out of this world long.
    Hope this one is better for those that have it.

    I will stick with DJI because it is overall the better drone, but hey, depends on what you need in a drone.
    Don't get me wrong, I am not a DJI fan boy, I would welcome competition, but this is not it.

    Lets see what the future holds though.

  4. Carlos Melendez

    I am considering th Up Air One as a first drone to get into drone filming. How hard is it to remove the stock 2 axis gimbal and install the 3 axis gimbalto this drone? Keep in mind I have no electrical soldering/component repair knowledge. Also, does this drone have a feature to help with auto orientation or is it a complete manual experience in which I would need alot of practice before buying? I don't want to crash it or run it into something or someone because I didn't understand drone orientation.? Please help as I have no drone knowledge, but really want to get into commercial drone business. My budget is small, so I can't afford drones more than $500 but I want a drone to start small and get into real estate, filming, photo,etc. Any suggestions would help from anyone? Thanks

  5. Tere Mccormick

    god ive dream of having a drone like the mavic or phantom.. it's my wish please jesus give me a job or blessed me wit one wiw I will cry no joke fellas God bless you all bum its 860.833.4478


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