Using A Drone in Middle School Math

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you guys tell me what's going on what are we doing the parted groan so yeah all right Joan or China all right we're trying to measure how many see the drone can fly per second in different ways like ascending descending going forward shifting right and we take our measuring tape to the drum and just hold it we could do you think that'll be the most efficient way of doing I think we're gonna make it I want to give us just one day you can't read council the Chinese your mouth Carnegie Merton mouth all right then we can make it go like NZ and then see how fast it does that and they bought that number by 10 quiet for 10 seconds and then see the distance that we within that section it's beautiful far you want to go when you start trying it in that direction you're going to click the thing and then on it when you're done what are you doing once it's done with the length you want okay so we need to figure out what length you want to go measure it was high things sometimes a little too remote and then and then we're gonna and then we're going to divide the height find a second to get it under one second we have three batteries in each battery lasts about 20 minutes so I'm doing this with one class today learning from my mistake and then doing it with another class on Thursday I don't think I have enough battery power to make it last two class periods hi in our fields that we're working with if at any point you guys get like a little worried about the drone or you're kind of scared you're going to rush into something if you just lift up your thumbs off the joystick it'll just stop and hover wherever it's gonna here we go guess what little brace on my phone that way that will help you see whether or not you're actually going to be clearing a tree one okay let me tell you a secret look when I was between marriages on play with this Bureau zero feet okay Buda ready director go and right when I get to zero ya want it yes this is regular I can't see it oh they went past okay how long did it take 11 seconds what it would handle you want to pluck backwards in sport mode so why don't you face that direction he'll higher and you're doing 200 feet right oh sorry I'm the 200 feet right not that 3 so just do 203 okay tell me when to start 6 seconds notice how far the ground is the only challenge with this right now is the other students don't really have anything to do hi okay slide that over to turn the home chat go look at the sport mode it goes a lot faster than this so you're going to fly backwards and we won't be able to see where it's going so we just need to make sure that it's not flying that way you didn't see what this distance is okay okay please one go good hold it down hold it down ten seconds where was it at it wasn't like one thirty so now let's bring it back to where we started by hitting return to home which is that H once it gets to zero we'll cancel its we actually want it to land right now okay what are some ways that you guys found great unit rates or ratios in anything that we did okay Express mode to regular calculating the feet per second you know read uh converting meters from feet what rate did we find that was not a unit rate to 10% since a tenth ago I was at a rate but it wasn't a unit rate is not compared to one what you get you get time on this lesson that's cool I want we should have done like Oh everyone gets to fly for like two and a half minutes yeah you

I got an innovation grant from my school to buy a drone. One of the goals was to incorporate it into the math and sciences. My first drone lesson was on unit rates in my Pre-Algebra class. Here’s how it went 🙂

Drone & Unit Rates Handout –

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3 comments on “Using A Drone in Middle School Math

  1. blahrox

    It's so cool how you're able to do this with your students! By the way, I'm one of the girls you met last Wednesday at ABC. My name is Avery and this is my YouTube channel!


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