Video Drone – FlySky Receiver and Transmitter Unboxing for S500 Drone Build!

welcome to this edition of Videodrome by DIY 3d tech comm in this episode we're gonna do a bit of unboxing of this so this did come from China so it's the e packet delivery so let's check this out very nicely packaged by the way with a lot of Chinese packing tape that I'll need to remove and I'm not quite sure what's in here so I think we'll both find out roughly together as we explore this so oh it's the new fly sky controller for the s500 build so that's what I was kind of actually hoping this was he's the garbage bag or something on the inside or some kind of bag on the inside of this so I went with the attentional fly sky so let's let's take a little bit closer look at the unboxing and see what's in there this is a little bit newer model what's out there it's got a little bit different design you notice it doesn't have any external antennas the other one actually the older version actually only has a fake external acting antenna so I wasn't too too concerned about that I think it's supposed to have a couple kilometer range if you would so again so this is the unit 10 channels and that was one of the big things one of the big reasons for buying it because I believe the older version is only a 6 channel but you could flash it to a 10 channel but I wanted to make sure that I natively got those extra channels for a couple different reasons so let's pull this out ooh wow pretty so here it is let's take it off so here's the controller itself wow really nice feel to this self-centering sticks I noticed a lot of people kind of complain about the self centering sticks but I kind of like this especially for video work so does appear to use double-a batteries which again people complain about the double-a batteries I use rechargeable double A's I really like this because also if I'm in the field and the batteries go dead I just go to a local store buy some double A batteries throw it in and I'm back flying again so I like the control buttons on the back sort of like the DJ DJI I have to learn to start saying that correctly no G in there and again dual power buttons to turn it on believes got touch sensitive screen multiple control switches so you can program this to do about one of anything and this is what to me it was really important let me use this with the S 500 now the s 500 I'm building has to be an upscale video acquisition rig and so I want to put possibly even multiple cameras on it and so I want the ability to have multiple controls as well as retractable legs so I want to be able to switch head to legs retract and then be able to operate multiple cameras and with all these buttons and controls I'm sure to be able to do that these are a little bit sharp though these end pieces where in your fingers for a while but it's definitely not going to slip off so we got the back of the case we do have the one receiver I forget off the top of my head how many receivers this can actually support but it can support several and that was the other thing that I found interesting about this is the fact you could run multiple receivers with it and again this is this is the binding plug that goes along with it but I like the idea because I want to be able to have one controller and have a couple different models and be able to control the different models with just one controller rather than sort of relearning a controller for each each model I thought this came but apparently not there's some screws and some doohickey here I thought it actually came with some sort of mount to go on here for a tablet but I guess it's no biggie because I actually don't plan on using a tablet with this there is some kind of DVD or CD in here to measure for now the other interesting pieces it does come with a USB connector and I'm not sure because it's got a didn't plug here in the bottom and a USB so I'm not sure cuz this as I thought was supposed to be able to flash it so I wonder if you can use usb in this version too I'll have to look at the the instructions in if you have one of these and you've done that please let me know below if that's the case so I'm rather excited with this looks definitely like a quality unit I'll have a link to this down below so if you're interested in picking up one of these I'll definitely cover it out oh the other thing I like is it has dual controllers you know again so you can what you can actually set up a gimbal to both yaw the gimbal as well as pitch it to control a direction or to use a zoom of a camera to be able to pitch the gimbal and do a zoom camera deal I am planning at something like that doing up my own interface from the receiver to a camera controller because I want to do a little bit larger camera on the S 500 series especially I want to do near-infrared things like that so again this extra controls and wheels was something I was looking forward to in the design of this so anyways hopefully you found this interesting I know I'm excited to have gotten it in and to work with it if you have any questions hit me up down below happy to answer them for ya if you have any comments for me also hit me up below subscribe button is going to be coming up over there if you're not a subscriber please do as you know I put out videos on a regular basis and we kind of cover the gambit from DJI to up air to Seema's and and some f4 50s and flame wheels and all that kind of stuff so kind of like a mishmash across the board so anyways give it a thumbs up we'll see you the next video Cheers

Please visit for more information on this and many other projects! As in this episode, we will be unboxing and talking about the FlySky Receiver and Transmitter for S500 Drone Build!

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