Visuo XS809HW Quadcopter Drone Battery Mod – Works For Any RC

Hello my friend today i'll share with you how to mod battery for drone I use the voltage multimeter to know B+ and B- on drone We insert the battery and start measuring If clockwise of voltage multimeter go to right Then red stick is B+ and black stick is B- After know B+ and B+ we starting solder red wire with B+ and black wire with B- We add jack for battery Note cut one wire at on time We add Polyolefin Halogen and solder After solder we test with a new battery Every thing is ok. We're test with remote New battery is the same size as the old battery We have a new battery with capacity increased by 33% And weight little change We use melt glue gun to attached jack We remove old jack We have two battery We solder old jack with new jack for charge Test with old charge Some my friends will ask. Can i connecting Batteries in Parallel for big capacity The answer is yes When connecting Batteries in Parallel we have capacity But there is a problem increased capacity and weight also increased

#Visuo_XS809HW quadcopter drone Battery mod with old battery.
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7 comments on “Visuo XS809HW Quadcopter Drone Battery Mod – Works For Any RC

  1. model nutty

    can it use 1800mah 16340 size lithium ion? larger capacity fairly light weight.
    I do understand it depends on IF the cell can output enough Current (C rating).
    900mah/10 minute = about 6A draw (stock battery), so 6C minimum required.
    1800mah/20 minute = about 3x it's capacity, same 6A but 3C minimum rating…
    it would be a good experiment, as lithium ion cells can be very inexpensive,
    and the flight time about doubled for it!


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