We FOUND The SECRET TRAITOR Kid and TRAPPED THEM in Kindergarten 2 (Funny Moments Gameplay)

in the kindergarten dimension and today oh my gosh oh yeah I forgot about that the whole murdering janitor thing um well now I've got some brain matter in my eyes welcome back last time we were tasked with helping out this creepy janitor start a revolution against the other janitor which I'm pretty sure is going to result in him killing the other janitor I wonder if I could go up here can I go up this way I'm just trying to diverge a little bit I can't go through that door okay so I've got upstairs and get that hall monitor pass now the only problem is I do not want to be late for lunch because if it gets to lunchtime then the janitor will almost certainly kill me if I don't have his keycard in time okay get out yep that's fine let me go down this way hopefully I can get back to him in time make sure I'm not running out of time here here is your key card here there you go well done here's a walkie-talkie I'll be in touch fantastic yeah no thanks that's cute kid you're about to be an accessory to murder and war crimes war murder oh my gosh Guido this is a dream come true well yeah of course how cool would it be to have my name is Steve war murderer doesn't that sound awesome okay I guess not okay you're boring he's great I'll let you know how the mission goes we ride to war okay I will let him ride to war and then I presume there's the Bell ahh go to lunch okay well do all of the wishes of the dying child Oh kiss and now we are back where our little boy Steve jr. was left last I'm coming kid things got a little um sticky get up here now yeah well it'd be your last meal if you don't get up here right now I hope geez okay so I remember one of these people was able to get me out was that you it wasn't you I think it was you how do I get out of here ah take my money you got it kid this won't last long so get out while you can yeah I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure that once we get up there Monty is waiting for us with a big laser gun so that's not exciting I think I have to go another way I'll let you buy some I don't end up like him okay thank you can I can I get you to go up there first because the last time I went up there Monty shot me I wonder if I can go a different way can i maybe go this way this is the dots the janitor's closet it's locked okay that's not right there's no one in here hmm this is very bizarre we've got that walkie-talkie but we can't use anything with it yeah we can't get through there can I go outside nope okay maybe I can take the elevator maybe that's where I'm supposed to go rather than up to Monty oh I haven't got the key oh geez okay but if I go straight up there Monty will take me out can can we do something leave him alone I've got a new outfit sweet maybe I'm supposed to change outfits and maybe he won't recognize me let's try there Oh actually I kind of feel like we'd have to go back to the back to our original house for us to do that so there's no where were able to do that okay I'll go up there's Monty let's just ignore Monty um he stood right by the thing there maybe it's in here oh my gosh what just happened um finally jeez kid you move slower than a kid who was knocked out of a tree under suspicious circumstances okay sir he's already killed the other janitor well in case you hadn't noticed I won the war congratulations I appreciate the sport I've had from my allies that's you kid which means we're going to have to clean this up together oh why is he bringing me into this well yes I'm the only janitor it would be nice to have some help around here yeah you just killed your help that's not true you're my help now although there was still time for me to kill my help so keep that in mind okay so what do we do I'm gonna get started mopping up this blood you run down to the weapons closet and get me something to slice up all Baba here with he's gonna cut him up what okay whereabouts is that the place where we janitors store our weapons it's in the boys bathroom ah so that's why we've just been of course look at him he's a big boy normally I don't deal with big ones coz it's harder to remove the body so let me find out so go find me a cleaver or a chainsaw or something all right here's the key old Bobo here is how to share now that we've won the war okay oh my gosh um if she is this not an issue that there's a teacher here uh-oh she just 180 tweeter and went straight back into the bathroom stall no cuida that's not the reason I was taking up all the bathroom stall the other way that's not the reason I was hogging it that was because um I just had a curry and look forget about it anyway let's get into here let's unlock the door there we go and oh my gosh look at these weapons there's a vat of acid are you kidding me alright there's a battle ax oh I can't touch those ones the axe has been used recently oh here's the chance or I think let's hit the chainsaw he wanted to be able to cut him up is there anything around here I'll take the monster munkar thank you very much we got bucket o water and look at this vat of acid this VAT is giving off some dizzying fumes it's hooked up to a tube and that seems to be running to the cafeteria is that the source they're putting in our burgers ah jeez okay let's get back up there before the janitor gets mad at me we definitely do not want to be hitting lunchtime or else he is gonna come and take me out okay let's ignore Monte because as we know that sir definitely not a good call to go talk to him oh look he's mopping he's doing his job well uh here you go um oh I've got a new outfit oh because I didn't talk to the cool about what about time what did you get me I got you the chainsaw perfect let's get slicing oh my goodness oh I'm in the way oh I'm gonna get blood all over me and my new outfits oh my goodness well looks like you got skedaddle I'll be in touch okay well it looks like you've left this place in a much worse state than before Oh before you go take his head you've earned it great Oh fantastic yeah I'll just put that in my back pocket um how on earth do I explain that it's uh looks at my bag how am I supposed to explain son looking in my bag and seeing a decapitated head well well well look at all the bad children I expect you all to behave until recess is over look to be honest I guess it could be much worse if we chops this guy's head off we would have needed a much bigger bag anyway I've been naughty so let's deal with the consequences please take this time to reflect on how to be less awful in the future thanks man that means a lot there's to be no talking or moving until the bell rings oh oh yeah he caught me no talking okay Oh what is he allowed to do that – just shoot me in that okay I guess the janitor isn't the only evil teacher in this school well that shows me guida right this time I am saying absolutely nothing clever bunch we'll see if it lasts okay so I can't move I can't do anything um I just kind of sit here until something occurs I can't eat an apple but I feel like by moving we might get shot again let's try it oh the coffee I had during lunch is running right through me I'll be back in a moment do not move or talk while I'm gone okay what won't do that I hope he's not getting to that bathroom hey kid coming kid we've got a problem where are you you've got to hide that head right now find a garbage can and chuck it there's got to be one in the mess hall it's that little penny girl she's been following you all there you got hide that head and stop her from getting up here oh gosh um she's in cahoots with the principal what some kid in a hoodie is she a traitor oh my goodness some kid in a hoodie just came up here and dropped an envelope on the floor he had pictures and everything she's been following you kid what do I do after I throw out the head that's a solid question see if there's somewhere to trip her up on the stairs on your way to the can get her to fall and break her head open geez maybe one of the toys will do the trick okay I will do that hit the toy car take that let's hit the toy car I will see you later other kid I'm out okay so I think I need to place the toy car yes place it there and now where was I supposed to go strip stairs I think I was supposed to go stretch that oh no oh no oh gosh we're gonna be fried to get off for God's sake man why why okay I forgot about him let's restart from I guess study hall okay so this time we've got a place the place the toy car and we have to I guess do something else um how do you know if she nerves how do I trip her I'll see what I can do okay maybe I can get this guy to fight with me oh no I could just say that sucks okay I'll take the toy oh you see that money maybe I can bribe Monty take the money okay I'm gonna take that hopefully I can bribe Monty into you know not shooting move a giant layers again oh look who it is um is that Bob set no I didn't do it you don't have the coke jeez what what oh okay so we've got to be a little bit faster because there is a kid assassin lurking around the school a traitor this is going to be a quitter this is actually going to be the time where we pull it off sir first of all car yep hit the toy car go over here go to the lunch area just like this perfect throw away the head badda-boom go back down here place the toy car down wait for her to come round maybe this time she won't escort us maybe we've got a stable going elsewhere you're not supposed to be out study hall what are you doing here I'm looking for the janitor oh really I was actually looking for him myself you wouldn't happen to know where he is he's in the janitor's closet um he is actually oh I told you the true fault he's actually upstairs he's actually upstairs now go back to study hall I wouldn't want you to get in trouble okay will do whoa what was that what just happened I just had what I can only assume is an evil little girl falling down the step what how did I I don't understand I thought the stairs were right here I don't ok I'm going back to study hall well that was weird I'll go back and I'll pretend I haven't moved a muscle I guess I just stand here and wait until the teacher comes back I can eat an apple to pass time there we go my apologies good to see you're behaving thank you ah there's the Bell anyone who pays their lab fee can come with me to science otherwise head over to the gym I don't have the money so I'm gonna go to the gym we all good here oh my gosh when gym class nugget is still bleeding by the way it's literally been an entire day and nuggets is still bleeding okay that's fine so what we do here trying your best not to look like me in 30 years go run laps or bounce that orange ball or something okay I'm gonna stand over here and try to keep the room from spinning okay she was aware that we um oh that we literally just saw him that in the bathroom and she shot and she saw the UH the dead body the decapitated head no okay fine hey coming kit we're almost home free I just need a little help of some of the arm heavy lifting oh no he's much too heavy for a small worthless child like you I need you to carry a carry out that power-hungry hall monitor I tenderized this morning so you want to carry Bob instead fine by me no I'll take Stevie good I left him in the weapons closet me Mia by the dumpster behind the playground and we'll toss them in together okay sir back out we go oh we can't leave I have to go to the bathroom pee in the water fountain um I can't do that there must be aware that I can figure this out maybe I've got to talk to the teacher I'm gonna toss this can I take the ball and throw it at the teacher um grab the ball oh there we go oh my gosh Oh who did it who threw that ball it was this Jeron kid he tried to tear the ball from me and when I tried to get back he just threw it no died right that was not me oh wait I know Jerome I'm Steve Junior that's a lie this kid came over and helped her snatch it out of my hands it went flying then they made me let go both you show up what really happened that's what I thought drum – you know how bad my head hurts right now not more than the waistband on those shorts I'm guessing oh my gosh Oh oh no poor Jerome poor Jerome is getting attacked come back this is making me feel better okay so we avoid the teacher we avoid the teacher at all costs and we why to get to you gosh what was it next it was the janitor's closet right was it here no this is the bathroom I was here oh my god what oh it's like the rotten smell is that yet take the bag okay it's getting really hard to breathe I'm not sure how much less that longer I can last okay get out of there let's get back here and then we go to the playground so that's how this way oh that's the handicap ramp okay down here then I guess oh I can't go that way maybe now that's to the gym I think or was this to the gym this was to the lunch area um I can't go out that door that's the disabled ramp that's study hall the elevator maybe I'm not entirely sure um I could try the oh I don't have the key of course okay I guess it's out this way okay the lunch lady isn't here this is good penny isn't here either so she can't attack me is it out through here yes okay there's a beehive which we do not want to mess with um oh my gosh what maybe it's up this way hello yes are we found the place finally you had me worried kid no way I'd be able to move all these corpses by myself I brought the body okay well toss them and were done okay perfect it's locked who locks a dumpster we don't get open somehow we need hey hey oh oh who was this hey kid did you hear that their voices are the voices in my head getting a little too vocal again no I heard it I heard it ha I think someone is in here we've got to get them out any ideas I'll think of something well I well I though um okay I can't do anything up there maybe I'm supposed to go up this way dollies to a principal's office again um we've gotta get unlocks there's a flower I'll take the flower why not there must be a way we can get open somehow there is a beehive maybe I can use the trampoline to do something I do that something where the swings does not look like it can I climb up here I can't climb up there can I mess with the Beehive shake the tree oh here the bees oh this is fine all right am I just gonna die from this sore oh I just got stung to death we've got to get them to come out maybe you can lay them out with food or something I'll take the flower because that's what I got last time yeah maybe we can use food or something this time we will definitely not touch the Beehive is too any food in here we can take doesn't look like it what's through here umm I look what oh maybe we can get some Serdar or something oh I don't have any money um okay there's another flower right they'll take that flower uh-oh oh geez okay so now we're out here we're all leaving school unfortunately I didn't manage to out there goes no get I didn't manage to help out the janitor who is probably very much oh geez uh oh how he's probably very upset please don't kill me you should have thought about that you didn't help me deal with that gum so um yeah I guess sir no hard feelings then good now die no why well Guido I think that's enough murder plots for us today so today we've literally found out that penny is a traitor that teachers get very mad when you speak in student Hall or in study hall and of course we know our next objective get that dumpster open if anyone out there any adventurous listening to our broadcast throughout the multiverse no other where to potentially get that person out of the dumpster then um please let me know but for right now guida it is time for us to get going now we just need to figure out a way back do you have any ideas yeah we could teleport but that's so boring say nugget can you call us a taxi yeah if you just stick your arm out and try oh oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah I forgot about that you

Kindergarten 2 is here! This amazing adventure puts us in the middle of crazy murder plots lead by school teachers, janitors and more! Can we make it out of the school alive? And can we survive deadly classmates and their wicked plans?


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Kindergarten 2 is the long awaited sequel to 2017’s Kindergarten! After the events that occurred on Monday, the children have been rezoned to an all new school. Discover all new areas and new characters as you assist the children with their various assignments. Whether it’s helping Cindy find a new boyfriend, or helping the janitor with his war on Bob, there’s always someone who can be…assisted. Play through the same wonderful Tuesday over and over again, in what has been described as “Groundhog Day with messed up children.”
Even More Kindergarten Fun!
Play dodgeball!
Learn how magnets work!
Collect flower samples for a mad scientist!
Steal the spazzy kid’s inhaler!
Facilitate a war between custodians!
Help the teacher get her fix!
Aid and abet in a fratricide!
And many other classic kindergarten activites!
A Bigger and Better Kindergarten!
9 new story missions!
Over 15 new environments!
50 collectible Monstermon Cards!
30 unlockable outfits!

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  1. C R

    just bang on the dumster once again then she will ask or that green gooey stuff on the ground then grab it bring it to her then she will allow you to throw away the body! 😉

  2. Awesome Gamer

    If you want to progress through the game more, you have to get bob's head in a bag and then afterwards you would have to meet the janitor at the dumpster. After you and the janitor stop talking, go next to the dumpster again and then a kid will pop out. When you have done all of that, you can continue the game from there. I am part of the adventurer's guild and my discord account is Joe7859.

  3. aymor plays roblox

    17:21 I'll call a M.T.S. (multiversal travel service) taxi!
    calls a M.T.S. taxi edit: and you'll need this to cover the price for the trip back,
    gives steve a deluxe M.T.S. taxi pass card and don't worry about having to return it to me, I can just get a new one, also the pass doesn't expire until 1/1/2020.


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