What will CAP1789 do to Drone flying in UK? //MAIL- #118

how are you doing against water still Monday it's not Friday it's Wednesday which means only one thing is hashtag mail that day in the week when you are said burning drone question and I try and come up with some sort of answer and this week's question comes from hashtag mail recap 1789 I'm particularly worried about the legacy class pasted on the market before the 1st of July 2022 within cap 1789 the wording here seems to mean that everything from the spot to the phantom even they inspire many other brands and even new drones entering the market in the next three years will be classed as legacy on the 1st of July 2022 well this not result in all existing drones by the 1st of July 2022 they check being limited to subcategory a 3 a far more restrictive category than what the drone code presently requires furthermore the wording of a 3 no uninvolved people present within the flight area confuses me as I can only find one mention of area of flight within capped 1789 the a3 rule itself what exactly is the area of flight how large is it and as you mentioned in previous video how on earth do we find an a3 location I just can't help but feel that after the 1st of July 2022 they check I'm going to have to buy a new c1 c2 class DJI drone and my new maverick to pro will have little to no resale value I've rented the CAA for clarification as I simply can't accept that in three years my m2p or become so difficult to use when right now the CIA drone code allows me to operate it with relative ease safely Jeremy congratulations probably the longest hashtag mail question in a long time but nevertheless an important question ok let's get to the nuts and bolts of this straight away simply put Jeremy no one knows predetermined flight scenarios that are coming from Yaser which will then be moved forward so the it's CAA can decide whether you need to put forward a flight by flight safety case outside open category area it is a simple fact that as of the first July 2022 that's two years after the introduction of the Piazza european-wide drone usage law whatever you want to call it as outlined under there annex 22 in the document that all crafts existing that do not meet the new manufacturing specification codes whatever they are cuz we still don't know what those are yet will become a legacy craft now that doesn't necessarily mean that you won't be able to fly it what it does mean is then you'll need to take the details of that legacy craft you'll then have to go to the CAA or whoever is regulating higher space at that particular moment in time and you need to write safety case for using that drone because it doesn't meet the existing manufacturing specifications that would just give you an immediate v so to go and use it so it's not that you can't use it but what it does mean is you'll have to go back you'll have to write out safety case you'll have to put that forward to the CA you probably have to pay some money to be able to use that drone UAV craft whatever in that particular airspace remember cap 1789 whatever it is gonna be is not about why you use the drone it's about how when where you're going to use a drone and which and which which is about this in the meantime but take part in the meantime what could happen as happen in Canada is DJ I went to Transport Canada and got their craft authorized so it could go on an automatic list so as long as you haven't physically changed the craft you have modified it you haven't changed the software on it it will comply and I imagine this is what will happen however and this is the big however we're talking about date in 2022 that is still three years away history tells us that technology moves on in great leaps and bounds now I've got the Mavi Pro but very rarely fly it we've got a marry to pro now we've got phantom4 Pro which is good couple of years now and my inspire one hasn't been out of a box you know while will it have a value it will have a value to someone somewhere whether experiment lying don't panic don't be going selling your drones off no reason will it have a value does any technology that passed its sell-by day really have a value now think about it I've got cupboards for cupboards full of stuff that is now worthless what is the area of flame now this is one of these terms that will have to be defined by the CAA at some point because it is that term that area of flight which law enforcement will use when they're trying to prosecute someone so we'll have to have a test at some point the same as congested area we'll have to have a defining moment in court where someone uses it someone makes a judgement and says this this is what a congested area isn't until that happens it's going to be very difficult to comply with where you fly about being a congested area or not and when and what time of day because you know we have some freedom of of use of public land we must have us a tax payer you know I would resent not being able to fly in a park at a certain time if that's what safety dictates for me to fly in that Park whereas I've got a dog which is unlicensed and I don't need a dog license and I can walk up and down in that park and and really own it yeah I might not be able to fly a drone now that doesn't seem fair to me and again it's that sort of usage which will need to be tested in court at some point and it will I feel but area flight as I take it if I'm looking at an area fly I'm thinking with with my common sense hat on this is my common sense hat on I would say my area flight is really my visual line of sight so if I'm flying my craft within visual line of sight which at the moment they say is 500 meters then I would take my area flight as 500 meters from where I am standing as a remote pilot to where my craft is but then and here's the interesting point it comes about how would they prosecute how would they determine that you are not flying safely because here's the thing I could say that my area of flight is from where standing to where my drone is so if my drone is ten meters away from me I could safely argue that is my area of flight same as it could be five hundred meters could be somewhere in between there if someone comes along and says that I'm flying too low or too high it is then for them to prove that I am flying too low or too high and at the moment using the data so if they confiscate my drone and look at it looking at the data on it all it tells them is what the relationship is of my height from where I took off not where it is at that particular time so please have to prove exactly what high I'm flying out by just using his eyes but you can't really see how that's gonna happen there is air escape there are other technologies out there but then you're into the realms of well where's the calibration test for the era scope how do you calibrate an era scope how do you calibrate and what are the tests of all these other anti drone devices or drone notification devices or height reading devices whatever they are I think there's just so many things that need to be proved and proved in the court of law and that serious at that point and I'm not sure law enforcement agencies on their appetite of actually enforcing these rules I'm all for enforcement restrictions around those areas that need to be enforced and restricted but is there everywhere that's what I think what do you think I'll be interested in what you think let me know in the comments below Jeremy great question but who knows there's manufacturing specifications coming out from Europe which all manufacturers will have to meet if they want to sell their drug in the UK or in Europe Europe especially maybe not the UK who knows yet and any existing drones that they still want to continue selling they'll have to get reclassified which is obviously money next question is how many drones how many new drones are actually coming out to the market at the moment very few if you're a manufacturer would you actually want to release a drone to the market spend marketing budget money and everything else when you don't know what the rules are gonna be come through years time anyway great question that forgive you've got a question for apps like now put in the comments below with hashtag and I plucked your YouTube channel which is what we'll do now for Jeremy and Jeremy let's see what you've been up to you've got a couple of videos on there literally two videos blyde river canyon now this looks like a piece you've been putting together for a while used phantom4 to film it and it is in South Africa which has stunning scenery but let's just see what you got Wow I got a rock formation strife the bat Jeremy I'm liking the sound effects that you're putting on the video it's a nice fade in and out transition nothing nothing over the top nothing it's nice I like that music we're gonna we're gonna tilt up nice framing of the river I'm liking the Sun flares getting on the lens it's nice pace is good it's a nice time of shop the guys are sitting by the river not so keen on the jumpy cuts that's just me because rock formations now this video is running in three minutes yeah hello woopie transition so if you're going to do a whoopee transition like that cut to a new bit of video without that other adjustment in that's the only thing I would think on that because bridges great scenery great composition that was quite a nice transition there donar how you did that that was a nice transition look at that I want a more story I want to know things I want to know about these rock formations so start thinking about maybe adding some tacks some labels coming up on the video bit of animation or even a voiceover I mean never be scared of doing a voiceover is it damn we do get a lot of dams on hashtag mail I will say I know that dramatic we do get a lot of dams and water on ashtag mail it's just an observation it's not a WoW look at that look at that scenery hmm stunned it's bit jumpy dance just sleepy do say in your description that this is before shot this a while ago in this before you go into nd filters and understanding the rule the 180 degree rule with your shutter speed so now this end shot I think is amazing I do like this ensure look at that you've got that that's great I love that good video um what it would say story story story story story and anyone putting anything forward for hashtag mail my new thing after this little summer break is about story let's get the story up let's get this story out there now whether that is your cutting in more ground-based camera shots and showing the narrative of the piece all the way through or you do some voiceover or you put some labels on or more importantly you come up with something a little bit more creative than something that I can come up but that's why I'd like to see if you've got your stories on there and they are over that minute rather than just aerial is start telling story let's see some narrative I think I think Jeremy if you play with that give us some more information so we can actually learn something from the piece rather than just looking at the the amazing scenery and it is amazing but just maybe just give me some story give me something to hang on to but anyway great love it keep it coming hashtag mail put them in the links below I asked you a question with a tag up and let me know what you think of caps 1789 how it's going to affect you what you think the way forward is or isn't there you go don't forget if it's your first time watching this channel to hit that notification button to let you know the next time there is a video that may or may not help you become a drone flying cinematic god until the next time my flying friends please play safe take care and I'll see you on a suicide bye

Hello Summer! Wednesday is that time of the week for your #drone questions. This week.#CAP1789.. what does it mean for #UK Drone flyers? What is “Area of Flight”? Will it effect the £$ of your Drone?
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25 comments on “What will CAP1789 do to Drone flying in UK? //MAIL- #118

  1. David Duce

    What can we actually do to protect our hobby? Like it has been said many times, lawful drone pilots are not an issue, we all want to obey the law, and just have some fun and get some great shots. The issue is unlawful usage. I think its important for everyone watching and interested in this hobby to educate your family and friends tell them about the hobby and excite people with the same enthusiasm you have. Unfortunately, local parks near my location in the UK are issuing bans on drones and it seems everyone is massively uneducated on the facts of piloting a small aircraft and having some confusion with large rigs and unlawful use. There are many arguments used which in my opinion are all illogical, and have acceptable counter-arguments however our voices are too small to be heard right now. Please if this is your hobby, challenge these arguments, because if we don't , I don't see how we will have much of a hobby moving forward. Example: Drones Intrude on Privacy? Indeed they have a camera, however so do smartphones, DSLR's, camera equipment and CCTV camera's on houses and buildings all over the globe. When you go outdoors into public space the level of privacy you can expect has to and it is a fact is almost 0 within the modern world? So how drones affect this in public parks and areas we fly is an illogical argument? Tell them!!! Example 2: Dangerous drones?? Most consumer drones are under 1kg, not 7kg plus like consumer-level aircraft, most things we fly could obviously hurt people, but so can a dog, or a horse or a car, and we are around those things all the time? Often a drone pilots last thought will be to hurt anyone it will cost us a fortune in new parts….!! These are the main 2 arguments I see and the public is so uneducated on these facts! And there's many more! Responsible drone pilots are not the problem! Holding those accountable for bad piloting is!!


    Well said. The problem is how can we see sense in what you say but those making the rules don’t, or maybe they just don’t want to. It seems it’s an up hill battle.i just hope someone see sense. Let’s hope.

  3. Kieran King

    Another good informative video, as far as cap 1789 goes some sensible restrictions are needed to restrict the few dim wits( no fly over town centers or large crowds and possibly compulsive insurance cover if its kept at a reasonable cost and an age restriction for anything than flies further than a hundred feet.

  4. Nigel Harrison

    Yep good point re: calibration – the police VASCAR speed trap system needs to be calibrated every time its taken out and some court cases in the past for speeding have been thrown out due to the police not calibrating or not calibrating the device correctly.

  5. DerbJd

    I think the DJI gear will be OK in the future post 2022, because some of the talk on CAP1789 has been regarding things like Tripod Mode allowing flying within 5 meters of people. Drones which don't have Tripod Mode (deliberate slow movement mode and with anti-collision sensors) will likely become Legacy and not allowed to fly within the close proximity new rules. I hope this is the case, because I spent £6000 on Inspire 2 and X5S camera gear, lenses and batteries! Plus a backup Phantom 3 Pro ket which was £1500. Plus PfCo training, license and insurance.

  6. David Adams

    Dylan said exactly what I was thinking – I wanted (and I mean that, I wanted more from the footage!) to see more story. The bridges were epic, then to see somebody walking across the bridge, then to see feet walking along the planks of wood (?) … sweep back to the drone wide angle. Your control of the drone was so good, this could be cinema stuff with some more story. Oh, sorry, CAP1789 … erm, just got lost in that parallax end shot. Epic.

  7. D man Can

    Planes fly all the time with the risk of bird strikes and that seems to be an acceptable calculated risk and there’s more birds then drones!! Not to mention pissed up pilots with class A habits let’s have these risks televised keep up the good work you are a beacon and speak for many of us flying fanatics. Big shout out to ikopta👍👍👍l

  8. Alan Reid

    if i was a copper….. easier to chase a normally law abiding citizen flying a 300 gm toy drone in a park… breaking the law!!!??? than some knife wielding maniac….flying use to be fun

  9. Andrew Harrison

    Judging by the idiotic pricing of the registration scheme and NATs thinking we all careless criminals or clueless what hope is there for a sensible answer on this . The CAA won’t even certify anyone to fly Lightning’s from bruntingthorpe as couldn’t possibly have a civilian flying a supersonic jet

  10. Jeremy Paton

    Thanks Dylan for answering my rather long winded question 👍 Very interesting video, will read up about the saftey case, hopefully writing one will be clear when the time comes, though I agree that 2022 is still a way off and things will most certainly change & progress.

    Thanks for featuring and critiquing my drone video, all very welcome feedback! Narrative is certainly key!


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