World's FIRST and ONLY Drone-based IED Simulator!!!

let us integrated air and missile defense capabilities are not keeping pace with the rapidly evolving unmanned aerial system correct they are proliferating at a rate right now which is comparable to the same as smartphone haven't had equipment that has soldiers not only looking at their normal 360-degree sight but also the small UAS or drones are easy to obtain and launch and they're hard to detect on radar that makes them a particular concern for the Department of Defense so the ultimate goal is that integrated solution that can quickly work work itself through the kill chain because when they small threats pop up you may only have minutes to deal with now hopefully find some sort of solution or begin makanda solution for a real-world problem that's affecting a lot of other services the world as a new emerging threat and there has been no platform from which to train until now Xplode trained is proud to introduce explode drone the world's first and only drone based functional improvised explosive device simulation system the extra drone system can be used in a dual-purpose capacity with the ability to fly to a targeted destination and improvised munition payload or trigger the IEDs simulators which are mounted to the drone body used to drop ammunition payload and explode drone system is equipped with ideias inert drop aerial munitions remotely piloted and deploy the eye dams are integrated with expo trained explosive blast panels such as the XO HW the Harvey Walter the expo drone system can also be equipped with explode trains pneumatic simulators allowing the expo drone aircraft also replicate an operational drone based function to size indeed for years ex blow train has dominated the field of explosive blast incinerators by and by sea the sky's the limit when it comes to the possibilities for effective and realistic training let explode trains get you there with the world only drone based ie D simulation systems explode drone for more information contact explore drink or visit WWN comm reliable realistic trained realistic sound realistic safe realistic whistle

A dangerous new THREAT is upon us with no realistic training platform until now…
Explotrain introduces the world’s first and only drone-based functional Improvised Explosive Device (IED) simulations with the ExploDrone™ system. The different ExploDrone models can fly to a target destination and deliver an improvised munition payload or trigger the IED simulators which are mounted to the drone body.
Explotrain’s patent pending ExploDrone uses unparalleled cutting-edge technology that will exceed your training needs and ensure your personnel are prepared to safely combat this dangerous threat.
Explotrain dominates the field of explosive blast simulators. By land, by sea, and now, by air, where sky’s the limit when it comes to the possibilities for effective and realistic training. Let Explotrain get you there with the world’s only drone-based IED simulator system: The ExploDrone.
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  1. darkomotorsports1

    ISIS has highlighted its success in adapting readily accessible technology into a potentially effective new weapon. We need to counter their efforts be providing better training and training aids. Great job!


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