Xtreem Drones at Toy Fair 2015

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hi I am Chris Vaughn see no live from Toy Fair 2015 in freezing cold New York City we're inside I'm you're a guy pithy of extreme he has his drones hi how you doing today great thanks Chris you enjoying tight there yeah very much has been a great great great show so far and we're very excited about our new line and had great feedback from a lot of their buyers well tell us about the drones here I I know nothing about Jones I'll be honest so from a guy who knows nothing someone who is a turtle tech nerd why is this such a great drone well we've got lots of drones starting from $39 retail all the way up to 199 the 39 ones very easy to fly very stable very rugged these new ones we got coming out now have Wi-Fi so you can sync it to your phone this one will retail for about 1 99 very cool drying you can fly it indoors and outdoors you get about 15 to 20 minutes of flight time it's a really cool dry really fun to fly you can invert it and you obviously you can fly it outside the beach it's got 720p camera so you can record video and stills and then it also streams to your phone so you can see the the live feed it's amazing how long were these in development for these have been rather brand newww out in June okay but they've been up in development for the last six months mm-hmm we've been specializing this other one to a small one this has a 720p camera and it records two built-in micro SD this one's going to retail for around $69 so they'll be out in JUnit also but one of our best sellers also if the quad force drone this one was out in the holidays last year it's in stock now and in a lot of retailers to frys electronics bestbuy com and it's going to be up on a few other retailers soon this one also has a 720p camera records to micro SD and that one retails for $89 very stable to fly heaps of fun that's incredible i saw your plants before doing some tricks and all do you make them all flip around you can the olap you're going to invert them flip them forwards backwards sideways or have a really really fun it's a lot of fun watching is I see you doing them as all these people walking around ty fairies everyone's ducking down I mean it's funny toy fair i tend to be a little bit careful i've got too caught up in a few people's hair but you just gotta make sure you don't hit anyone yeah that's why you're gonna fly it not me because I can see myself taking out Adam and you and the rest of your booth here I might get dangerous but yeah you're an excellent flyer let's see it you

Join us as at Toy Fair 2015 as we get an in-depth look at the newest drones coming soon from Xtreem!

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